Crenshaw senior Devin Brown enjoys studying English and is a member of Team Heal (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Senior Devin Brown is a captain of the Crenshaw girls flag football team. She has been with the team since they were with the League of Champions that was created by the L.A. Rams and Chargers.

“We’re getting better as a team,” Brown said. “We’re working together, it’s a sisterhood that we’re building and we’re gonna keep going.”

Brown plays at the linebacker and wide receiver positions. In the six games she has played so far this season, Brown has accumulated three receptions for 35 yards and one touchdown. On defense, she has defended 11 passes and made 22 solo tackles.

A proud moment for Brown was when she picked off Hawkins and made a 36-yard interception return on August 28. Brown’s favorite moments are when she is bonding with the team.

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“At first, you don’t know anyone so once you get to know each other, it’s a sisterhood,” Brown said. “I appreciate everyone on my team, and we have each other’s backs.”

Along with flag football, Brown plays softball and is a member of Team Heal. She is certified in First Aid and is willing to help a classmate if they get injured.

“I have a love for sports as well but I also love medicine,” Brown said. “Combining the two was something that I was interested in.”

For Brown, being a student athlete and team captain means that she will be scrutinized by many. She knows that she must set a good example and have good grades.

“Being a student athlete, you’re looked at a lot , so I have to be in class on time, come to school on time,” Brown said. “Being a captain as well, I have to show leadership, so I have to always make sure I’m on point.”

To balance academics with athletics, Brown finds time throughout the day to work on homework.

“I’m at school until 8:00P.M. because I do Team Heal,” she said. “During Team Heal, I do homework, when I get home, I do homework.”

Brown’s favorite class is English. Her favorite book that she read is “A Raisin in the Sun.”

“I love English, I love writing, I love literature,” she said. “I love reading.”

Outside of academics and athletics, Brown enjoys braiding hair as a hobby. Brown aspires to have a career in the medical field.

“I dream to open up my own child development center,” Brown said. “I will become an EMT one day and I just want to travel.”