Sophomore pitcher Jaden Harris helped the Serra baseball team make a 17-7 overall record (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Serra sophomore Jaden Harris has been making strides as the starting pitcher of the varsity baseball team. Head coach Artis Perry mentioned how he has confidence in his ability.

“He has command of every pitch that he throws,” Perry said. “He pounds the strike zone and he finds ways to get outs.”

Harris has been on the varsity team since the ninth grade. Harris noted how he finds pitching to be fun.

“I love it a lot, it gives me a smile on my face,” he said. “I can just throw the ball and just have fun with it.”

During his freshman year, he learned that having a heightened sense of awareness helped him get acclimated to playing varsity.

“Paying attention at a full click,” Harris said. “Moving fast at a fast pace.”

The talent Harris displayed on the mound aided the Cavaliers to a 10-2 Del Ray league record and a 17-7 overall record. His efforts helped Serra win the league title this year. Harris explained how the teams’ hitting and defensive skills are their key qualities.

“I like the defense a lot,” he said. “The ability to get bunts down when we need them and the ability to hear calls and work them out.”

Harris has been playing baseball since he was young, he also plays travel ball during the summer. Competing in travel ball helps Harris measure his development. He learned from his coaches the importance of perseverance.

“Just keep doing what I’m doing,” Harris said. “Keep doing my push-ups and just keep pushing.”

For Harris, being a student athlete means being industrious on the field and in the classroom and understanding how to manage both.

“It just means to be dedicated, hardworking and you’re willing to deal with the sports and the student life and just stay afloat with that,” he said. “I think that’s a really good quality to have.”

The coaches at Serra not only hold the players accountable during practices and game days but also in their academic endeavors.

“Our coach is really heavy with our education,” Harris said. “I think that’s really important to keep us playing.”

Harris’ favorite classes are Religion and Spanish. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, playing basketball, and swimming. Being a swimmer helps Harris with his stamina on the mound.

Outside of academics and athletics, Harris takes time to volunteer.

“Sometimes I tend to help the homeless, give them canned food,” Harris said. “Make sure they have food to eat.”

Harris desires to play Major League Baseball in the future. He hopes to continue to improve as a baseball player.

“My future goals and aspirations are to make sure I’m at top health and make sure I don’t have any injuries along the way,” he said. “Just try to get stronger in the later years.”