Along with playing for the Serra boys basketball team, Devin Shell worked on the school yearbook and is a member of the religious club Life Time (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Serra senior Devin Shell helped the Cavaliers go on a deep run in the CIF Division 3AA Southern Section Playoffs and reach the Division II State Playoffs. They ultimately had a 19-15 overall record and a 4-6 Del Rey League record.

“This season has shown a lot of growth within all of us, a lot of maturity,” Shell said. “Throughout the summer, we’ve been able to work hard, build together as a unit.”

Prioritizing teamwork and cultivating a brotherhood propelled the Cavaliers to the Division 3AA Semifinals. Tournament competition at the beginning of the season taught Shell the importance of giving.

“Our coach laid down the foundation where we want to be cheerful givers on and off the court,” he said. “Whether that’s making the extra pass, giving a high-five to a teammate or just being supportive on the bench.”

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Shell noted how the tournaments mentally and physically conditioned the Cavaliers for the competition of the Del Rey League. The Cavaliers squad is young, Shell had to step up and hold his teammates accountable on the court and off.

“My coach had a conversation with me saying he wants me to really lay the foundation for these younger guys,” Shell said. “I’ve always had that leadership characteristic built inside of me, but becoming a senior has really been able to exemplify it on a larger scale.”

Shell has been around basketball all his life; his father is a veteran basketball coach. He always identified with being a student athlete, Shell noted how he shows leadership in the classroom as well as on the court.

“Keeping high grades, it’s always been in the back of my mind. I felt like that’s always a must,” Shell said. “Having straight A’s, doing my homework on time but also being able to do well in practice, getting in the weightroom as much as I can.”

His father gave him an agenda to help him keep up with assignments. He enjoyed studying Geometry and Algebra Two.

“It just came easy to me in my early high school years,” Shell said. “I knew the answers, I was able to participate in class.”

During his senior year, Shell helped create the school’s yearbook. He noted how he “fell in love” with photography.

“I feel like that was something I want to invest in,” he said. “The digital media world, I feel like that’s a great world to be a part of.”

Shell is also a member of a religious group called Life Team.

“We help with all the religious events that have been here at school,” he said. “That’s really put me in check with my faith.”

Shell was inspired by his mother to get into a career in sports marketing; she works with the UCLA women’s basketball team. Outside of academics and athletics, Shell helps his father run camps and clinics for youth in the South Bay area.

“They look up to me being a varsity player, they want to grow up and aspire to be like me,” Shell said. “I definitely try to show up as much as I can, be there for the little kids.”


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