Jordan junior David Sandy has been speaking out against teen homelessness (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Jordan Bulldogs junior David Sandy is a quarterback for the football team and captain of the boys’ volleyball team. While being a leader in athletics, he is a prominent contributor to the student body at Jordan High School.

He led the football team to a 7-3 overall record and became Metro League champions with a 4-0 league record. This is his second season as quarterback for the Bulldogs. He was granted the position because his coaches believed he had the intelligence for it. Sandy flaunts a 3.6 GPA.

“Being a quarterback, I was very timid, and I wasn’t confident in myself,” Sandy said. “It grew on me and I became very confident in myself, in my craft.”

The best thing he learned from coaches was to never give up and the mantra came in handy as he learned the quarterback position.

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“You start to learn how to read defenses, you start to learn to visualize what linebackers are doing,” Sandy said.

Being captain of the boys’ volleyball team helped him find his voice and helped build his confidence. Sandy plays at the outside hitter position.

“I used to think people would laugh at me if I’m yelling,” he said. “With volleyball, I started leading stretches, telling people what to do and what we’re going to do and they actually listened and they don’t question me and they respect what I said.”

He noted how competing on both teams kept him conditioned and improved his leg work.

“My vertical for volleyball, it always increases by the time I get back to football season,” Sandy said. “It helps my reflexes a lot because volleyball is a very fast-paced game.”

A big challenge for Sandy is balancing all his obligations. Not only is he a student athlete, but he is the president of the Keystone Club of the Metro L.A. Boys and Girls Club. Sandy is also the vice president of the Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP).

“I finish all the work during class,” Sandy said. “Anything I don’t finish in class, I usually wake up early in the morning at 5:00A.M. just to get it done.”

With BSAP, he helps African American students get better grades and achieve their goals. He recently spoke with the ninth graders at the school with the president of the organization. He noted that BSAP recently started a book club.

“We’re going to be reading books because they say African Americans don’t read books,” Sandy said. “They hide all of our knowledge, they’re hiding everything, the key to life, in a book.”

Sandy has been outspoken about ending homelessness and was able to express his views in Washington D.C. because of the Keystone Club.

“I got to talk about a problem in California and I talked about homelessness, especially teen homelessness,” Sanday said. “I even got to go to the White House.”