Sherlett Hendy-Newbill (Courtesy photo)
Khalid Al-Alim (Courtesy photo)

Khalid Al-Alim, UTLA Endorsed Opponent, Criticized for Anti-Semitic Social Media Behavior

As the race heats up for the Board Member Seat in LAUSD District 1, the Dorsey High School community is continuing to mobilize support for Sherlett Hendy-Newbill.  The election will take place this coming Tuesday, March 5.  However, Dorsey teachers feel upset and betrayed that their union is still endorsing Kahllid Al-Alim after it has been revealed that Al-Alim posted several anti-semitic, misogynistic and inflammatory messages through social media, as well as messages related to conspiracy theories.

These messages have been widely criticized in various news and media outlets including the LA Times.  As a result of Al-Alim’s anti-semitic remarks, UTLA has stopped campaigning in Local District 1, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting his candidacy.

The Dorsey community is calling for UTLA, which is one of the most influential unions in the country, to officially withdraw their endorsement of Al-Alim and to endorse Hendy-Newbill. More importantly, the Dorsey community is calling for Kahllid Al-Alim to immediately withdraw from the race.

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Dorsey High School opened in 1937 with a predominantly Jewish student population.  Dorsey has historically enjoyed a strong relationship with the Jewish community.  Prominent Jewish Alumni include the late Howard Weitzman c/o 1957,  a prominent LA-based attorney who represented Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and OJ Simpson amongst others, and Janet Horwitz Colman c/o 1965, who is the founder of the Dorsey High Alumni Association and the Dorsey Hall of Fame.  By 1965, Dorsey was one of the most ethnically diverse campuses in all of California with a student population that was 1/3 White, 1/3 Black, and 1/3 Asian.  A large percentage of the White students were Jewish.  Many of them, including Weitzman, have made generous contributions to the Dorsey Alumni Association. These donations have helped to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships for Dorsey students seeking higher education.

“This is a sad day for UTLA,” said Willard Love, esteemed Retired Administrator, Dorsey Alumni Class of 1959 and current school and community liaison.  Love, one of the most decorated and respected members of the Dorsey High School Community, said, “I was one of the people who went on strike in 1970 to form and develop UTLA when I was a teacher at LA High School. It is bad enough that UTLA decided to endorse someone who is not an educator; many people including myself were totally befuddled by that.  However, the language and attitude expressed by Al-Alim does not reflect what UTLA has stood for.  I would strongly encourage the leadership of UTLA to consider withdrawing their endorsement of this candidate.”

In a statement which was the first formal request from an elected official for Al-Alim to withdraw from the race, Dr. George McKenna stated: “Kahllid Al-Alim has proven that he is not what is needed in a leader.  UTLA must move beyond halting support and immediately rescind their endorsement of his campaign.  In addition, Kahllid Al-Alim must withdraw from the race.  LAUSD and Board District 1 deserve the very best, and Kahllid Al-Alim has proven not to be that.”  McKenna has endorsed Hendy-Newbill to fill his seat when he retires in December.

Hendy-Newbill stated that in order for the Union to maintain its respect throughout the country and amongst its members, UTLA leadership should withdraw the endorsement.  Newbill is fighting to save public schools and halt the charter and special interest agenda.  “One of the main goals of the charter movement is to circumvent the teacher’s union and weaken its solidarity and influence,” said Newbill, who was a UTLA Chapter Co-Chair at Dorsey. Kahllid needs to remove himself from this race to allow public schools to keep this seat.

Sherlett Hendy-Newbill and her campaign supporters and organizers will be canvassing the neighborhoods, door knocking and phone banking on March 2nd and 3rd.  Those interested in volunteering can pick up materials at the Baldwin Hills Recreation Center from 9AM to 2PM on those dates.

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