Kevin Powell showed much gratitude to those who showed up for his brunch book signing.

On Saturday, December 10, Post & Beam, a restaurant located by the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, hosted a brunch and book signing with activist, writer, poet, and public speaker, Kevin Powell for his new book, “Grocery Shopping with My Mother.”

Post & Beam was filled with attendees of all ages who gathered to celebrate Powell’s book, enjoy delicious food, and hear great music. Copies of his book were available for those interested in purchasing, as well as a meet and greet and photo opportunities. The author signed copies of his book and engaged in conversation with guests who wanted to meet him.

“Grocery Shopping with My Mother” is a poetry collection that honors his mother. In his book, Powell discusses how he became his mother’s caretaker when she got sick. Their relationship was complicated and he touches on how she didn’t really express herself to him growing up. He yearned for that mother’s touch his mother was not accustomed to giving. Every week, he would return home to Jersey City to take her grocery shopping, and while doing so, was able to hear her stories and really embrace his own healing.

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“Grocery Shopping with My Mother” can serve as a lesson for all of us to reflect on our own personal stories. Who we are today is due in part to our childhood and the way we were raised. He opens the book with a letter to readers expressing to readers how happy he is to be alive. Many of his poems in the book were written during the most difficult times of his life. Powell was very vulnerable and open in his book. He was not afraid to express his feelings and the pain he went through. The first line says, “Dear God/ please do not take my mother from me any time soon/ I am not ready.” This opening line sets the tone for how the rest of the book will be; open and honest.

Powell is the author of now 15 books. He served as a senior writer for Vibe magazine. He has also written for Ebony, TIME,, Newsweek, Esquire, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffington Post, and many more. His work highlights history, Black history, pop culture, race, politics, and more. Powell travels all over the world to various colleges, corporations, etc. and has appeared on television, print, and radio speaking on different issues. He has produced the first exhibit on the history of hip-hop in America at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Grocery Shopping with My Mother” can be purchased on online on Malik Books and Amazon, as well as any other websites or book stores that sell books.

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