Javonte Rose at Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen, Inglewood location (Shelby Stephens/ L.A. Sentinel)

Javonte Rose is a new multi-talented sensation on the scene. While wearing many hats like actor, artist, brand ambassador, dancer, entrepreneur, fashion model, and humanitarian, Rose promotes self-love and anti-bullying through his artistry. He is the founder and CEO of The Blu Roze LLC, Blu Roze Fit, and non-profit organization “I’m Here”. Capturing attention with his clear blue eyes and style, and with over 100,000 Instagram followers, he is sure one to watch. In recent interview with the L.A. Sentinel, Rose discusses his past, present, and future.

Born in Manchester, New Hampshire, Rose is originally from the Caribbeans, but was raised in a small town. Growing up, Rose was bullied by his peers and his siblings. He spent a lot of time with his aunt, and credits her for helping him establish a sense of worth. “My aunt helped foster my creativity. She was family oriented and encouraged me to be myself. We always indulged in arts and crafts. Being around her I learned I am somebody, I am worth something.” Rose expressed having a village of support allowed him to tap into his purpose.

After living in New Hampshire, Rose moved to Boston and then Miami before settling in Los Angeles. During his time on the East, he enjoyed making new connections and interacting with different cultures. His travels have expanded his perspective on life. He describes both cities as creative, diverse, and motivational. Contemplating on his impact, he developed the seed idea for what would become his charity and non-profit, “I’m Here”.

In 2016 Rose received a direct message from a fan detailing a tough time in their life, he shared “I got a message, and the person was telling me that he was struggling and wanted my advice how to get through and stay inspired. In that conversation the light went off – I can really help this person. I responded with the energy like ‘I’m here for you’ because in so many places, so many people need help and an outlet.”

Within that year Rose also starred in a short film called “Detained”, and two years later he self-published his autobiography called, “Behind the Blue Eyes: I’m Here”. By the end of 2018 he established The Blu Roze LLC. The company’s mission is to fill in the gap of giving back, as philanthropy is one of Rose’s passions. He is currently working with at risk youth and communities by sharing his story, and partnering with Los Angeles charity group, The School Tour.

Javonte Rose at Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen, Inglewood location (Courtesy Photo)

The School Tour was created by Randy Hankins in 2004 to promote education through music and entertainment. The program travels to schools throughout California, from elementary to high school. The School Tour has currently performed over 2,000 events and donated over 100 musical instruments, provided by The Bootsy Collins Foundation.

Rose connected with The School Tour this year and has performed at several schools over the course of a month. When asked about the Los Angeles tour, Rose said, “I love the interaction, I love the energy. My performances are a positive distraction from the streets. Coming back to school after the pandemic, I’m hoping to help the kids be more comfortable being back to school. I want to unite students through dance and music.”

In 2023, Rose is expected to partner with Historically Black Colleges/ Universities (HBCUs) to grow his reach as an entertainer. His new song and dance challenge, “Tickin Dynamite”, is quickly gaining traction online via social media. Dancers can win prizes and shoutouts for their best dance moves.

As he continues to advocate for self-love, Rose wants readers to keep dreaming. “Listen to yourself and be yourself. Never give up believing in who you are because it will come back to you. Write in a journal, pray, stay focused, and treat people how you would want to be treated.”

Rose is set to release new music soon and will be performing for Naab Radio’s Red Carpet Fashion Show on December 17. His music is available on streaming platforms Apple Music and Spotify. Follow Javonte Rose on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook @iamJavonteRose.