Casandra and Jordan Ramble at their TSSC event. (Courtesy photo)


If the club scene is not your forte because of religious considerations, Jordan and Casandra Ramble have created a safe haven for you to enjoy a night out.  The Saved Social Club (TSSC) is a Christian social club located in North Hollywood that provides the same experience as the typical night club.

Married for eight years, dated for 15 years, and parents of 4 children, the Rambles formed the idea in 2019 and TSSC was officially founded in October 2023. TSSC aims to provide a space for believers to gather, socialize, dance, create unforgettable experiences, and form genuine connections without compromising your beliefs, values, and faith.

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Casandra has served in ministry for about nine years and recalls times where she just wanted to “dance the night away,” but there weren’t any outlets for her to “let loose” without compromising her values.

“There were not alcohol free, drug free environments that offered a safe place for Christians to simply, dance,” she said. “Later, I found I wasn’t the only one experiencing the desire to have fun and dance the night away. TSSC was birthed to fill that need.”

She says that The Saved Social Club was a “God-given name” that came to her and her husband, which they ultimately both agreed on. The Rambles want everyone to feel welcome and welcomes everyone to come and enjoy the event.

“The club name is exactly what it is called, a social club for saved individuals, but it’s not limited to us,” she explained. “It also provides a place where unbelievers can come and experience Christian culture outside of a church setting.”

Outside of TSSC, Casandra hosts a quarterly women’s event, The Pink Picnic. The event is pink themed and is at a local park. She also hosts brunches, and entrepreneurial conferences.

December 1 was their opening night and sold out at 165 capacity. Their next event is on January 5 in North Hollywood and the couple expects upwards of 200 attendees.

TSSC does not serve alcohol at their events, however, guests can purchase mocktails, water, and sodas. Food is also served and each week there will be a different menu. There is no dress code, but guests are encouraged to “dress to impress.” There is always a videographer and photographer on site to capture the evening.

Guests can dance the night away as the deejays will play Christian music from rap, R&B, Afrobeats, and gospel music from various artists including Lecrae, Miles Minnick, Jordan Ramble, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, and many more. Ultimately, TSSC guarantees each guest a great time.

“A night at TSSC looks like dancing, fun, fellowship, food, mocktails, and a turn up for Jesus,” Casandra emphasized. “Our deejays change per event to give opportunities for Christian deejays to express their creativity. Our deejays play music catered to the Christian community including Christian hip-hop, Christian R&B, and gospel music.”

DJ Prophet will be their guest deejay on January 5.

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