Book Corner: First time Author Releases book


Pamela Chapron Puts a Twist on Having a Big Butt-Through Her Alter Ego

By Elzena Rankins
Sentinel Intern

From the beginning of time women, have always been judged based on their physique. Nowadays the main attraction seems to always be the backside of women. Many stereotype women with big butts and bombshell bodies, while at the same time they find it very hard to remove their eyes from the target.

First-time author Pamela Chapron touches upon just that, releasing her thrilling new book, “Don’t Judge a Booty by It’s Cover. “

A hilarious, emotional, juicy story of a young woman who has always been judged because of her physique and how that judgment dramatically affects her life, Chapron gives living with a bombshell body a different twist through the personality of her alter ego.

From the moment I picked up the book, I thought, not another booty book! And why would I want to read this? Not fully taking the time to understand the reality that lay inside the book.

The book is a mix of reality and fiction. When asked how much of the story is real, Chapron confirms that 50 percent of the book is truth. Explaining the hardships that she lived through growing up- from her aunt buying her a girdle to hide her physique to constantly being judged by society, friends and even family based on her physique-Chapron adds a crazy twist that introduces the fictional part of the book.

 After reading the book, I was amazed by how good it was; it is well written and an easy, exciting read.

The book is a bit provocative at times but that is needed in order to understand how and what Chapron/Mia felt. Parental Advisory is suggested. However, I recommend the book because it touches upon reality. It highlights some of the trials and tribulations that women who have curvaceous figures go through, addressing the misconceptions of how women are depicted and oftentimes judged and reduced to being sexual objects because of their bodies.

The story starts off when Mia is a child and she realizes that she is very different from the rest of her family. In addition her family singles her out by calling her “blackie” because she is the darkest one in the family and addresses her as the big booty girl which causes her a great deal of insecurities.

 Mia explains in the book how she went through her teenage life feeling ugly and thinking that something was wrong with her, not liking who she was. Constantly feeling unappreciated and looked upon as a sexual object. The ultimate pain comes for her when her mother, friends and family constantly suggested that she should be rich because of her body as well as, when her mother tries her hardest to sell her off to the highest bidder.

As the story progresses it’s not until Mia gets a little older and develops more that she begins not to care what other people think of her. However, the only way for her to blank out the verbal abuse and the idea of not accepting herself is through her alter ego…Juicy.

Interestingly, Mia is only one person, but she has two personalities. Mia’s first personality is her true self, insecure because of all the judgments but sweet and innocent however she is broke. Her second personality is the complete opposite.

All in all, the pain of being judged and called something she is not, let alone being criticized by her own family begins to take a toll on her. The only way for Mia to get rid of her pain is by drinking, there by, creating her second personality and alter ego, Juicy. Juicy is the complete opposite of Mia. She is what everyone thinks she is because of her body. She does any and everything you can imagine. She does not care what people think of her: She is freaky, wild and always has money. However, when the alcohol wears off, Mia is left with the pain all over again, along with the guilt of whatever her alter ego Juicy did the night before. As the story goes on, the two personalities clash, giving you a surprise ending that you never saw coming. The book is amazing as it tells the story of many women who are stereotyped because of their figures.

The book will provoke deep thought and make you feel for Chapron as she tells her story through Mia; it will also make you laugh as you finally meet Juicy and her wild side.

Sentinel caught up with Chapron to get answers that were not answered in the book.

Sentinel: What is the motive behind the book?

Pamela: I wrote the book in relation to having a big butt and about what life has been like for me. The book is based on how family, friends and society judged me based on where I was in my life. People always comment on if they had a body like mine what they would do and how much money they would have. They just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t at a certain point in my life because of my body-not because of my brain but my body. However the idea actually came when I was in the mall with my sister and she noticed all the attention I was receiving from men and women. She said that it was just ridiculous and that I should write a book on it, so I did.

Sentinel: How much of the story is actually real?

Pamela: The book is about 50 percent truth. A lot of things that I stated in the book really happened, however I just added the over exaggerated character to give it humor.

Sentinel: How can people relate to the book?

Pamela: Every female can relate to the book. My butt is what draws people to me and talk about me, however, every one has an alter ego/Juicy. Juicy is the one that brings that attraction to you. It can be your butt, breast or lips. It can be whatever, however Juicy only comes out when its relaxed. In Mia’s case it was when she drank. It took over Mia and became its own personality. Women can also relate because once they start reading the book, they will understand the juicy that is inside of them. Guys will also love the book because they will learn to understand the juicy inside of women and how women will change and use what she has to get what she wants.

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You can also hear more about the book on April 28, for she will discuss her book on the Jamie Fox Radio show, Foxhole