Dr. Lura Daniels-Ball

Los Angeles, CA (January 23, 2022) —The Our Authors Study Club, Inc of Los Angeles announced the election of the officers. Led by Lura Daniels-Ball, they will serve as the organization’s president for 2022. The full slate of officers includes Dr. Toni-Mokjaetji Humber as Vice President,  Haiba Payton-Franklin as Secretary, Paqueta Davis as Treasurer, and Ernestine Gordon as Historian. In December, the officers were sworn into their respective positions in a virtual program by Mike Davis, Los Angeles Commissioner of Public Works.

Daniels-Ball is no stranger to the organization. She has been an avid supporter for more than 35 years. First as a corporate sponsor and Chair of the City-wide Black History month events, later as a member and volunteer. “I welcome this opportunity that has crossed my path. To renew the life and health of OASC from the inside out is a challenging road that lies ahead, but I am very excited. We have a great team, willing to bring our best game.” Stated Daniels-Ball. “Our programming this coming year will focus on our national theme, “Black Family Health and Wellness.”  Daniels-Ball spent many years in Los Angeles and the Western Region as a corporate executive, mentoring, creating, developing, and funding opportunities for the African-American, Asian, and Women’s communities. She is an accomplished vocalist who received her musical training from UC Berkley as a child and the University of Southern California. Daniels-Ball recently launched a family-based benefit corporation, Lura’s Kitchen- makers of gourmet premium Cookie Mixes.

About OASC Officers


Dr. Toni-Mokjaetji Humber

OASC Vice President Dr. Toni-Mokjaetji Humber is a native Angeleno who can trace her family heritage in Los Angeles to the early 1920s.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from California State University, Los Angeles, a Masters in Education from Loyola Marymount University, and her Doctorate in Sociolinguistics from Howard University. She is a professor in the Ethnic and Women’s Studies Department at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Her research interests focus on African and African American culture and history, Ebonics and its educational implications, ethnic studies, sociolinguistics, and inter-cultural communication. She strives to uncover truths, and dispel distorted images, perceptions, and notions about culturally diverse peoples, especially those of African descent.


Leona Haiba Payton-Franklin

OASC Secretary Leona Haiba Payton-Franklin, is a Native of Los Angeles, California, holding a position with the Federal Government for 31 years. Haiba currently serves as an Administrative Assistant with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Mental Health Service. In addition, she is the Past President of the National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) Los Angeles Chapter.


Paqueta Davis

OASC Treasurer Paqueta Davis is a native of Los Angeles, who has made a ten-year investment of mentoring adolescent girls, ranging from ages 12 to 18, while working at the DeiLu Achievement Home STRTP. She is currently on the Board of Directors for Deliann-Lucile Corporation. Paqueta enjoys traveling and listening to jazz.


Ernestine Jan Gordon

OASC Historian Ernestine J. Gordon graduated from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She completed classes at UCLA and the University of San Diego in Education. She joined Our Authors Study Club in 2003, serving on various committees, and held elected offices (secretary, vice president, and president). Ernestine retired from Kaiser Permanente Medical Center as an Educator in the Health Education and Learning Department. The majority of her work experience has been with nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles (People Coordinated Services) and Kansas City, Missouri, as Executive Director. In addition, she is very active in her church, Lewis Metropolitan CME serving in local and regional positions. Ernestine loves helping others be the best they can be, as staff development and training is one of her many strengths.

Other key OASC Team Members include:


Theresa Curtis

Membership Chair Theresa Curtis, who has a sincere desire is to reflect the image of Christ in her daily walk. Theresa serves at her church in dual capacities as  Superintendent of Sunday School and the Director of Christian Education. She is a Hospice Volunteer at Kaiser Permanent Medical Center, Downey, CA, where she provides office support for the Hospice Volunteer Department. Theresa retired from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services after 32 years of service.


Maude Johnson

Maude Johnson, Black History Chair, is a vibrant and gregarious personality. Fully committed to the goals of OASC and everything positive. She has been a member of OASC for more than 15 years and leads the planning for the city-wide African American Heritage Month programming and the OASC Black History Tour of Los Angeles.

About OASC

OASC is a nonprofit organization founded by Mrs. Vassie D. Wright on February 14, 1945, to study the biographies of African American authors, review their books, and learn the true history of African people throughout the diaspora. That same year, Mrs. Wright worked with Dr. Carter G. Woodson to charter Our Authors Study Club, Inc. as the Los Angeles branch of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, Inc. (now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc. www.asalh.org).  In 1950, The Mayor of Los Angeles joined with OASC to establish official month-long celebrations at LA City Hall. That practice continues today. Making OASC the founders of Black History Celebrations in Los Angeles and the originators of all of the Mayors,s.city-wide diverse celebration

OASC invites all who have an interest and or passion in the promotion and study of African American life to join us. Membership can be very rewarding.

Look for a complete listing of OASC Black History Events at www.oascla.org. The site will be live on February 1, 2022. For more information about how you can participate, email [email protected].