The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education, approved a resolution commending the work of school site leaders and their “efforts to ensure that our students have the greatest opportunities, most effective educator and strongest, safest learning environment.”

Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson, also a former principal and the sponsor of the resolution said, “Principals play an essential role in serving as the instructional leader and the chief administrator of a school. Their leadership skills are vital towards the success of our schools and, more importantly, the success of our students. Every single day, they are entrusted with the education and development of our children. Instead of recognizing them on a particular month; we should honor and celebrate them for their service and contributions year round. I commend the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Region 16 and Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA) for their continuous support and partnership.”

Superintendent Austin Beutner said, “The job of the principal is the toughest job at a school. Principals develop relationships with students, families, and teachers. They oversee instruction in every classroom, serve three or four meals a day, fix broken air conditioners, and replace light bulbs. And, they do this with a smile. Los Angeles Unified is built on the strength of our principals’ leadership and the work they do every day.”

Board President Dr. Richard Vladovic, a former principal and a co-sponsor of the resolution said, “Our principals are our Los Angeles Unified rock stars. In a given day, they have to be community leaders, facility overseers, an HR manager, a fiscal director, and mentor to hundreds of students and staff all at the same time. We need to sing the praises of our principals as loudly as possible, and celebrating October as National Principals Month is a great vehicle to celebrate these tireless centers of our schools.”

Board Vice President Jackie Goldberg said, “I’ve had an administrative credential for over 30 years, and have not used it because principals have the toughest job at a school. I want to thank all of our principals during National Principals Month, and every month.”

Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna, III, another former principal and co-sponsor said, “Being a principal is a demanding 24/7 job. Among the challenges: prioritizing student achievement, working with teachers and other staff; encouraging parent and community participation; stretching an insufficient budget, making sure students are fed and the campus is clean and safe. It is important to recognize our principals and to say thank you.”

Board Member Nick Melvoin said, “We are so grateful to all our principals for their hard work and dedication to our kids. I will continue to work to give them more flexibility and local control to make the best decisions about how to support their school communities.”

Board Member Kelly Gonez said, “As a former teacher, I know that a principal’s leadership is essential to the success of a school. We count on them to keep our students safe, happy, and engaged and to guide our teachers in creating rigorous learning environments every day. I’m so happy to celebrate the hard work of our principals and to recognize organizations such as AALA and ACSA for their work in uplifting our administrators.”

In response to the approval of the resolution, the leadership of the ACSA Region 16 stated, “We are honored to accept the resolution recognizing all principals during National Principals Month. We are proud to partner with Los Angeles Unified in supporting administrators with professional development and in advocating for all of our students.”