The King/Drew girls basketball team has a 15-6 overall record and an 8-0 Coliseum League record as of Sunday (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The King/Drew Golden Eagles boy’s and girl’s basketball teams displayed their dominance in the Coliseum League when they defeated the Dorsey Dons on Wednesday. The King/Drew girls defeated the Donnas 65-8 and the King/Drew boys bested Dorsey with a 76-42 victory.

Both King/Drew teams are contending in the Coliseum League.

“We worked really hard for it, I’m proud of this,” said Golden Eagles senior Jaylah White. “Just maintaining good mindsets in the game knowing that we’re a high-level team, being able to actually win our plays and not just think about the score but actually thinking about getting better as a team.”

The Golden Eagles girl’s team held the Donnas scoreless in the first quarter. Donna’s team captain Heaven Haliburton put them on the scoreboard midway through the second phase.

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The zone defense that Dorsey implemented did not stop the offensive flow of the Golden Eagles. They scored 20 points in the second quarter alone.

In the second half, the Donnas became more aggressive on defense. Despite their efforts, the Golden Eagles kept control of the game.

“I think that some of the girls gave up because they saw the scoreboard,” Haliburton said. “They should have pushed through that.”

Golden Eagles junior Kayla Drinkard noted how their performance in the Coliseum League made her feel secure in her abilities.

The King/Drew boys basketball team has a 16-15 overall record and a 8-1 Coliseum League record as of Sunday (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

“I didn’t really have confidence when I first started playing,” Drinkard said. “To be doing good now, it’s like my confidence is going a little bit more up.”

The Golden Eagles boy’s team launched to a 6-0 run to start their game. Dorsey junior Mahki Mundy responded with shots. His first dunk of the game brought the Dons within four points.
“I shoot more, I go to the hole way more than last year,” Mundy said. “I’m more aggressive and more confident in myself.”

King/Drew forced turnovers and converted their steals into baskets. By the half, the Golden Eagles had a 16-point lead.

Deep into the third quarter, the Dons found their rhythm on offense and traded shots with King/Drew. The Golden Eagles remained consistent and maintained a double-digit lead.

King/Drew junior Donald Thompson noticed how the squad has improved on their defense.

“Our defense is better than last season and rebounding mostly,” Thompson said. “Our rebounding getting up there now, now we can compete with bigger teams.”

Four the past four seasons, the Golden Eagles has finished the season with the best record in the Coliseum League. Maintaining their streak is a priority, according to King/Drew senior Kameron Gates.

“I think it’s like a pride thing for us, we don’t want to be the team to lose the Coliseum League after winning it,” Gates said. “We know that every game is gonna be hard, we know we got to compete and that’s our mindset.”