The Dodgers’ victory on Thursday puts them at the top of the NL (Facebook photo)

After a three-game losing streak, the Los Angeles Dodgers (34-17) out-defensed the New York Mets (35-18) to secure a 2-0 victory. The win puts the Dodgers on the top of the National League

It was a pitcher’s duel between Dodgers starter Tony Gonsolin and Taijuan Walker of the Mets for the first four innings. In the bottom of the fifth, right fielder Mookie Betts hit an RBI single to center field, putting the Dodgers on the board.

In the next inning, it would be third basemen Justin Turner who slugged the ball deep into right field, allowing shortstop Trea Turner to score.

This game marks the tenth start for Gonsolin. He pitched for six innings only allowing two hits and struck out five batters.

“He’s really good, this stuff has always been there,” Trea said. “Current numbers are really good. It’s just a matter of just going deeper into games and he’s starting to do that.”`

Chris Taylor (3) made plays both on offense and defense (Facebook photo)

Knowing that both the Mets and the Dodgers have the top records in the NL gave Gonsolin qualms. Trusting in his abilities is how he works to be more efficient.

“I was a little more nervous honestly going into it, just knowing that they’re a good offense,” Gonsolin said. “Overall, they’re a good offensive team top to bottom.”

Roberts noted how Gonsolin’s pitching was effective during the matchup.

“I just think he had command of his entire pitches,” Roberts said. “The fastball command was there just to keep them honest and then there’s striking when you needed him to.”

Turner reached a 25-game hitting streak during this matchup. In four at-bats, he made one hit and one RBI.

“I just think if he is keeping his posture, he’s staying in the strike zone,” said Dodger general manager Dave Roberts. “If he can do that, it’s tough to get him out.”

Left fielder Chris Taylor got in two hits and one run in three at-bats.

“When I’m swinging, I’m moving up forward which is big,” Taylor said “For a while there, I felt like I would swing and I’d be surprised if I made contact.”

The Dodgers held the Mets to three hits and struck out six batters.  Walker pitched for 5.2 innings and only made two strikeouts.

The four-game series continues on June 3 at Dodgers Stadium at 7:10pm.