Tracy Mitchell, Herb Wesson, Jackie Dupont-Walker and Jannie McKinney. (Courtesy Photo)

The late Brenda Marsh-Mitchell served as the first President of Mothers In Action. In honor of her 73rd birthday, Mothers in Action did exactly what Brenda had dedicated her life to doing—helping others.

Under the direction of Marsh-Mitchell’s youngest daughter, Tracy Mitchell, who now serves as the President of Mothers In Action, the organization refused to let the COVID-19 pandemic stop them from coming to the aide of those who needed help the most–elders.  Partnering with 10th Council District Councilmember Herb Wesson and Game Spot Bar Restaurant, Mothers In Action provided hot meals to the residents of Rosa Parks Villas which consists of 60 apartments designated for low and very low income seniors, age 62+ who can live independently and is run by the Ward Economic Development Corporation.

“We have been hosting this event, in my Mother’s honor, for six years now–ever since she passed. This is the second year Council President Emeritus Herb Wesson partnered with us. We are so honored to have the support of Council District 10. My mother and Mothers in Action have been working with Councilman Wesson for years serving the needs of our community.” stated Tracy Mitchell.”

Organizers practiced social distancing while delivering the hot meals to each resident’s apartment–including wearing masks and gloves.

Each senior received a hot meal prepared and delivered by The Game Spot Restaurant and a bag of essentials and pampering supplies from MIA. The gift bag also included a Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper.

to assist the senior community during COVID-19 pandemic. (Courtesy Photo)

“This is what community looks like and is exactly what Brenda would be doing if she were here with us today,” added Councilmember Herb Wesson.  “Brenda worked tirelessly to provide resources to children, seniors and the underserved.  That’s what she did and her legacy is being carried on through her children and grandchildren.”

Over the past several years this effort was a part of the work of the young ladies of Mothers In Action Mentoring Group, but this year they were unable to participate because of the Coronavirus explained Mitchell.   In years past this was a major celebration with a sit-down meal where most of the residents were served and we provided entertainment and activities for the residents of Rosa Parks Villages in honor of Brenda Marsh-Mitchell’s birthday, but this year, unfortunately we just delivered meals to the residents. But most importantly, we upheld the tradition of service to the residents which was the most important part of today’s event.

L.A. City Council President Emeritus Herb Wesson and Mothers In Action volunteers serve hot meals to the residents of the West Adams Rosa Parks Villa. (Courtesy Photo)

Brenda Marsh-Mitchell’s commitment to service is well-known throughout South L.A. Often described as an “iconic multi-tasker,” stories abound of her unique ability to mobilize multitudes of volunteers to participate in rallies, fundraisers, protests and community events.

Along with this event, Mothers In Action sponsors one of the largest back-to-school programs in the country, they have fed thousands of families during the holidays, distributed hundreds of toys for Christmas and organized countless programs to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Brenda taught her children and her grandchildren the importance of “giving back”.  According to her daughter, Pamela Mitchell, “My mother gave us our assignment a long time ago. We’re here to serve and help others.”

Sharing a similar comment, Tamela Mitchell said, “Service in our community is just instilled in me. It’s a part of my life – my fabric because of Brenda.”

Tracy also expressed appreciation to Ward EDC Executive Director, Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, Rosa Parks Villas manager, Judie Johnson and Wesson deputy, Kimani Black. Tracy added, “so grateful for our village of volunteers who always willingly donate their time and talents to ensure the success of all of Mothers In Action projects.”

Mothers In Action gift bags to assist seniors during the COVID-19 outbreak. (Courtesy Photo)