Dr. Jeanette Parker 

“If that’s what you think, then that’s how it will be. If you think nothing extraordinary will happen; then look only for the ordinary to happen. What does that require? Faith that moves mountains. Consistency. Patience. It takes the “never give up” attitude and mind set. Don’t expect everything you hope for will happen quickly. Sometimes people desire for some things that may happen in a completely different time range. It may happen for your children, grandchildren, but it can happen. Do not be surprised if it doesn’t happen quickly. Don’t give up. There are things I have hoped and prayed for that took many years, more than a decade. Example: “More than ten years I wanted and hoped for our TFS children at our schools to have a field trip bus. I had no idea at all where it would come from, nor did I have any idea when the bus dream would be fulfilled. I kept believing for that bus. There came an opportunity to apply for the bus. The great moment has arrived. Here’s the thing, when you see within your grasp your dream come true, continue prayerful and proactively to clinch, secure your dream; completing documents correctly, submitting the application.

Stay in posture to take advantage of the opportunity…equipped to accept the dream blessing. Remember Solomon? He didn’t ask for himself, but he asked how to rule such a great people. Remember Jehoshaphat when the armies prepared to come against him and his people…remember that? What did they do when they wanted something great that they could not perform. They appealed to the ONE who could make it happen for them. They sang, prayed, fasted, praised the God of all resources. Jehoshaphat led his people in prayer and they sought mercy, grace, recognizing that in and of themselves, they could not do it! But, who can? Miraculously, movements in the heavenlies came to their rescue! I knew we didn’t have the resources to obtain a bus. However, I did know the ONE who loves these children and wants the best for them. I prayed to God, who provided TFS with a new 61 passenger electric bus! Persist. Believe. Pray. Trust. Regardless of others faithlessness; which may be in contradiction to your belief system (you don’t know what they’re praying to). Follow your long lived faith. Be realistic to the extent that what you are believing for is possible. If you think everything will come from your strength alone, that may not be possible. Do not look at the things that are seen; look at the things unseen. For the things that are seen are not permanent. But those things that are unseen are permanent and it is that Godly, heavenly channel your blessings will come.

Jeanette Grattan Parker/Founder/Superintendent Today’s Fresh Start Charter Schools with S.T.E.A.M. Academy www.todaysfreshstart.org; A Top LA County School: Thank you for reading! Copyright © “Inquiring Minds Want To Know”