(From L-to-R): Brian Courtney Wilson, Kim Person and Brian Kennedy

ASCAP Urban brought together hundreds of worshippers this past Sunday to host an inspirational Instagram live segment with artists and worship leaders from around the nation. Willie Moore Jr. Live co-host and Girl + God CEO Krystal Lee hosted the mini-concert for ASCAP Urban, ushering in inspirational nods and a huge supply of hope.

Songwriter, producer and concert pianist, Brian Kennedy kicked off the live with a soothing, yet powerful worship experience while playing the piano. Stellar-nominated artist Kim Person then followed, singing a sweet, sultry rendition of “Fresh Wind,” saying we must remember that God is “bigger than anything we are experiencing.”

“Don’t let nothing separate you from the love of Christ,” she said. “He is going to perform a great work in you, be encouraged. It’s that season, it’s that time, and we’ve got to prepare for it. Get excited, because something good is about to happen in your life,” Person added.

ASCAP Urban then switched gears with a live cooking demonstration from Chef Tina Gray, who taught “Bedside Baptist” viewers how to make a veggie omelet. Gray started by searing a non-stick pan with butter and olive oil and sautéing diced bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach in the skillet. Seasoned Himalayan sea salt, pepper and notes of lemon and dill, Chef Gray then poured her concoction of organic eggs and oat milk over the sautéed veggies. Topped with gouda cheese, Gray then flipped and folded the omelet to perfection, serving viewers with fresh and hot goodness!

(From L-to-R):Chef Tina Gray, Mali Music and Krystal Lee

After a salivating treat, Gospel artist, Mali Music hopped on the live to perform a medley of crowd favorites. Mali started with his featured song on Kirk Franklin’s “Give Me That,” where the lyrics say “gimme that joy I can’t explain, add extra peace that’ll ease my pain,” encouraging viewers to praise God in the midst of the pandemic.

Mail Music then followed with “I Believe,” a song that is quite befitting for the time we live in today. The song speaks of twisted doctors, scientists making clones, a failed economy, no faith, pastors leaving pulpits and people dying for no reason at all, yet restoring our faith and choosing to “look on the brighter side.” We got to believe out here, y’all,” Mali said, continuing with an encore of his inspirational anthem “Beautiful.”

The virtual concert then closed with Grammy-nominated artist and gospel singer, Brian Courtney Wilson, who started his set with “Increase My Faith,” a song that encourages people to lean on the strength and courage “that comes from above” to make it through tough times. “The Lord gives us power to make it, by His might, we can fight if we stand, in His love,” the song says.

Wilson uttered, “if you can see God’s hands moving in this season, that’s how we know that it’s going to be alright. There’s a reason to hope, there’s a reason to hold on,” Wilson added.

For more information on the artists from ASCAP Urban’s “Sunday Inspiration” celebration, visit www.ascap.com.