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Simeon, (who had tarried in the temple waiting and praying for the coming Messiah told Mary, “And a sword shall pierce through your soul also” (Luke2:35.) The prophetess, Anna was also there. She too had been waiting with fasting and prayers. Figuratively,  “a sword” is represented in the bible as authority and power and sometimes war. Much of what we believe may not be researched information, nor factual. But, I believe the Bible. And I use it tirelessly for research of the truth. Much of what we believe is “what is the perception.” If we are not involved or are not a part of the worst which may be happening, it is sometimes unimaginable of how it would be if we were involved in it or a part of it. Right now, it may be inconceivable that we cannot experience a dire famine. That’s because we have never experienced a dire famine of food. Presently, we are experiencing a work force famine. People aren’t going to work and many less people there are to hire. When you hear from different networks– there is a backlog of container ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (major ports in Southern California)
being the worst its ever been and they keep piling up, that means that whatever is in those cargo ships and containers waiting to unload, that the goods are not making it through. If last month there were 97 cargo containers and ships and previously the highest number was about 17 pre-pandemic, that tells us a lot right there. These two ports account for about 40% of all shipping containers entering the U.S. I heard that they were trying to find where to move some of these containers because of the backlog. Previously, we experienced drought. However, if it is not really bad enough, we live through it painlessly, and don’t realize it’s happening. You remember going to the restaurant and the server would only give you water “if you asked.” We lived through it without much pain. We have and yet have the experience of the worldwide pandemic with millions dying. We felt that strain and we are still feeling it. There are millions of hungry people all over the world. The world’s 10 hungriest countries in 2021: Central African Republic; Chad. Democratic Republic of Congo; Madagascar, Liberia; Haiti; Timor–Leste. …Sierra Leone. Yemen; Somalia. Between 720 and 811 million people in the world went hungry in 2020, according to the (UN report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World.) Looking at the middle of the projected range (768 million), around 118 million more people were facing chronic hunger in 2020 than in 2019.Oct 21, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has set back progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030. Current predictions show that the world as a whole — and 47 countries in particular — will fail to achieve even low hunger within the next nine years. COVID isn’t the only factor here. Recent reports have shown that undernourishment and hunger were on the rise even before last year’s global pandemic. Climate crises continues to effect hunger deficiency, but Conflict continues to be the primary driver of hunger — especially within already-vulnerable populations. Conflict devastates food systems, drives up undernourishment and child mortality rates, destabilizes agricultural production, prevents economic investment, and forcibly displaces entire communities. (This report Produced annually by Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe.) In North Korea According to the UN World Food Program, around 40 percent of the total North Korean population is estimated to be undernourished. The RFA further reported that North Korea has been short of food this year by about 860,000 tons, which is about two months’ worth of food for the nation. Referencing the famine in 1994, the North Korean leader urged the officials with directives and strategies. Afghanistan ISLAMABAD—Afghanistan’s neighbors have closed their land borders to people trying to flee its new Taliban rulers, trapping tens of thousands of people who are eligible (I’m not sure what eligible really means.. what are the requirements in light of the fact that innumerable people are already being let into the United States. Are they eligible?) to resettle in the U.S. and other countries but were unable to enter the airport in Kabul before the international airlift ended. None of Afghanistan’s airports are currently open, though Qatar has begun efforts to restore flight operations in Kabul.

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