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Angela Davis Shares Insights on Domestic Violence in Black Communities

Philosopher, civil rights activist, college professor, author, and former political prisoner Angela Davis put a lens on the deep-rooted damage domestic violence sows in the Black community, pulling from research she conducted for her 1999 book, “Blues Legacies and Black Feminism.”

Reflections on Black Excellence and the NFL’s Role in Driving Generational Impac

To fulfill its responsibility to the Black community, the National Football League partnered with the HBCU Week Foundation to provide high school students with $10,000 scholarships to attend an HBCU. Also, the league has allocated $125 million toward closing the wealth-equity gap by partnering with Black-owned companies. NFL Votes focuses on voter education, registration, and activation. The NFL also is filling a pipeline of diverse coaching candidates at all levels.

Nehemiah Project LA Aims to Help Transitioning Youth

Bishop Ed Smith is known as an acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker, educator, philanthropic leader, and pastor.He has assisted business leaders, families, and individuals in building legacies and in fulfilling their God-ordained gifts, talents, and hearts. Now he is making sure transitioning youth have a future with Nehemiah Project LA (NPLA).

Nurse Explains Rewards, Tribulations and Importance of Diversity and Equity in Her Profession

 As a young girl, Tamarra Crandall wanted to become a doctor, aspiring to help cure patients suffering from illnesses that cause so much pain and discomfort, especially among minority populations. As fate would have it, Crandall didn’t pursue a medical degree. But, as she will tell you, she pursued the next best thing, which was a career in nursing, and she has no regrets.

Peer Run Mental Health Organization Advocating for Black Patients

July 31 marked the end of Mental Health Observance Month, but for Rayshell Chambers and others, the importance of mental health goes far beyond one month, especially in the Black community.   During a recent interview with the L.A. Sentinel, Chambers talked about the importance of fostering better health outcomes for all mental health patients, but particularly among African Americans.    For example, she said, only one in three Blacks who need mental healthcare actually receives it. Despite the increased focus on mental health, racial disparities persist in diagnosis, access to culturally responsive care, and treatment settings, she said.      Chambers is the