Black women

Is it Because They’re Black Women?

Women are 2 to 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with lupus than men and lupus is most prevalent among women of color.

A Lesson In Adulting: The Kevin de León Conundrum

When I was told that Councilmember Kevin de León was involved with the square dedication for Willis O. Tyler, the Black attorney who won the landmark case that made adding racial covenants to block Black people from living in white neighborhoods in California illegal, the irony wasn’t lost on me.

Get Fit with Britt-Nick Hosts 12th Annual Women’s Trinity Retreat, “Glow Up” In Montego Bay, Jamaica

By Denver Mackey   Contributing Writer   Cassandra Nickerson, founder of Get Fit with Britt-Nick Organization, and Janeshia Robinson, co-founder of the Annual Women’s Trinity Retreat, hosted their 12th annual retreat, “Glow Up” in Montego Bay, Jamaica.    Get Fit with Britt-Nick is a growing health and fitness organization, dedicated to helping women of color develop the nutrition and fitness tools necessary to create a positive health legacy in their homes and communities.    Being mentally and physically fit should be goal of every human being. However, sometimes lack of information, cultural influences and plain old bad habits, prevent us from living that reality.

How Many Times Must We Must Say ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ 

Black women are being exploited, again. Currently, there is a social media trend of men pulling wigs off of the heads of Black women in public— “as a prank.” After the wig is either purposely blown off with a leaf blower or snatched off, these non-Black men run away, hide, or deny that they did it. Basic human rights such as personal space and respect are being denied.  

Study Linking Relaxers to Cancer is ‘Fake News’

“Enough is enough.” The exploitation of Black health for profit is ENOUGH!  The latest study of relaxers being linked and making Black women four times more susceptible to uterine cancer is simple junk research. This is an attack. I am taking the NIH study as an attack on our legacy.

Black Women Holding Trump Accountable

Former President Donald Trump has spent a lifetime getting away with things. Rich and willing to use an army of lawyers to defend his abuses and bully people he has wronged into submission, Trump is a prime example of the inequities in our justice system.

Mother and Daughters Debut Jolie Noire Athleisure Apparel

 In 2018, they decided to invest in themselves and start a family business.  Due to their love of fashion, they chose to start Jolie Noire, an elevated women’s athleisure wear brand.  Jolie Noire stands for Pretty Black in French.   Sisters Kimberly, (a celebrity stylist) and Keyondra, (an award-winning gospel artist) Lockett searched high and low to find cute and comfortable gear that displayed Black women as the art they are. They saw a need for clothing with faces that look like theirs, so they created graphics tees that really represent them.   After sharing their business model with their mother, Ronda Gray, a cardiovascular