Dr. Jeanette Parker 

Don’t you wish every day was like Christmas….with excitement, joy, family, enthusiasm, food and don’t forget getting some rest. The New Year is here. We look forward to what we can do differently that is better than what we did last year and years before. Wouldn’t it be great if life was better and better with more leisure, more vacation, more resorts like you see on television? But, television is fantasized. The real-life world isn’t “the big screen.” Tips for 2020:

• Love and respect your family more.

• Develop improved eating habits.

• Discipline appetite.

• Don’t fool yourself; alcohol is habit forming and addictive.

• Avoid junk food…food with lots of fats, sugars and salt.

• Eat more wild salmon and other fish raised in their natural habitat.

• Listen attentively to the heart of speakers whoever they may be.

• Pay more attention to what your children and relatives are saying to you.

• Family dinner sit down a few times a week, regardless of what you are eating

• Better organization in daily life and work life.

• Be calmer, not losing your temper. Chill out!

• Free yourself from fear and anger.

• Develop closer relationship with family members

• Read your bible more, have a daily sit-down morning meeting with Jesus Christ

• Develop more patience. That takes time and forming good habits.

• Work on making more sound decisions. Reason it out first. Be thoughtful.

• Don’t overspend or get into needless debt

• Budget your funds within realistic management.

• Don’t sign checks that you know won’t clear.

• Set a schedule that includes finishing a project. Do goal setting. Finish something daily.

• Make haste! When the shepherds heard the angelic announcement that they would find a newborn baby (Gr. brephos) in a manger: the birth of the King of the Jews…what did they do? They readily responded and made haste! They were not slackers, nor slothful.

Upon hearing the pronouncement by the angelic host, their excitement was overwhelming, filled with joy. Good example to be followed. Not only that, but they believed what they saw and heard! It was incontrovertible. It was truth. No doubt. The wise men were also convinced when they found the child (Jesus Christ) (Gr. pais) in “a house.” The wise men were alert and responsibly responding; very well managed and deceived King Herod, not disclosing the whereabouts of the child Jesus; as they knew Herod the King’s intent was to kill the child, along with all other children in the region who were two years old and under.

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