The Women Blessing Women board members and volunteers.(courtesyphoto)
For the first time ever, Women Blessing Women(WBW), a nonprofit organization, partnered with the City of Compton to take two single mothers grocery shopping so that they could prepare Thanksgiving dinner for their families. The third woman who was awarded a shopping spree, was unable to attend so WBW gave her a $25 gift card and presented it to her while she was at school. The event was inspired by the organization’s effort to end hunger and spread holiday cheer. The holiday shopping spree took place on Tuesday, November 20 at the Grocery Outlet located at 2175 W. Rosecrans.
For the women who were not chosen, WBW will be providing them with a $25 gift card.
“Knowing that most women love shopping, we thought why not take them on a shopping spree,” said WBW founder and president, Enjonette“EJ”Baker.“Each year, hundreds of families headed by single parents have empty tables on Thanksgiving. The struggle of a single mom without the support of the child’s father or family could be pretty tough, especially around the holidays.”
Women Blessing Women believes in supporting local women throughout the entire year, which is why the organization does its best to maintain its relationship with the mothers they have helped in the past.
“This event is not for the people, it’s not for the organization and it definitely isn’t for me,” said Baker.“This is for the moms struggling to feed their kids and themselves this holiday. I want the moms to walk away with gratitude and confidence knowing that there are other women out here just like them who have their backs when times get hard.”
Baker goes on to say that she wants the mothers to be unafraid to reach out their “sisters” when they are in need of help.
WBW held their 2nd Annual”TheMixer: A Fundraising Event” at the Shelby in Carson, CA. A portion of the proceeds from tickets sales went towards the Thanksgiving shopping sprees.(courtesyphoto)
“Most importantly, I want the moms to remember this time when another woman stepped up to bless them during their time of need rather than tearing other women down,” she said.“So the next time she sees a woman in need, she will do the same. So let me correct myself, this event is for the people, it is for WBW, and it is for me. Without me being obedient to God an executing this entire vision He gave me, WBW wouldn’t be here to be a platform and outlet for women to come together and bless one another.”
Aside from their Thanksgiving shopping spree for single parent mothers, Women Blessing Women also focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs by enhancing the way they conduct business with one another. Additionally, organization, WBW has provided educational, financial, and self-care resources through workshops and retreats.
For more information on Women Blessing Women please visit or email them at [email protected] .