Mayor Emma Sharif (File photo)

Artesia Bridge Construction Management

I am excited to announce that the contract for the Artesia Bridge has been fully awarded.  After an extensive procurement process and a search for a construction management company to fulfill all contractual requirements (ie: Pre-construction designs, traffic control plans, stormwater plans, construction schedule, and materials).

On September 26, the City Council and I authorized the City Manager to enter into a construction service contract with Beador Construction. The city Council and I also authorized the City Manager to sign a Services Agreement contract with Mark Thomas for Construction Management and Inspection Services.

Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority

On September 26, the City Council and I authorized the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority in an amount not to exceed $25,000 to assist in project oversight, engineering review of design plans, and erection plans for temporary structures needed to complete the project and to ensure that the project is constructed safely and to limit impacts on the corridor’s rail operations.

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Union Pacific Railroad

On November 2, a representative of the railroad provided City staff with A Reimbursement Agreement with Union Pacific Railroad in an amount not to exceed $50,000 to perform preliminary engineering services to include field diagnostics and inspections, plan, specification and construction review, project design, and other work performed by the railroad. Awarded on November 14.

Resolution Clean and Beautify Compton

With the City Council’s efforts and support, we passed a resolution declaring a movement to clean and beautify the City of Compton. Understanding beautification projects has always been challenging. It is our mission to set achievable goals and objectives that can be accomplished gradually.  We are targeting illegal dumping, graffiti hotspots, and enforcing municipal violations for residents, businesses, and vacant lot owners who are out of compliance with property maintenance. We are streamlining the reporting process so that residents can receive services with a quicker response time.

We encourage residents and volunteers’ groups to participate in the Compton Initiative Project every 3rd Saturday of the month and Dump Day events are held throughout the year.

For any questions about the Compton initiatives or volunteering opportunities, please email: [email protected] or [email protected].

Our History, Our Culture, Our City

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we honored three community members amongst the Hispanic community from the City of Compton with dinner. The honorees were selected for their outstanding work and contributions in the community.  Chosen were Maribel Lara, a resident; Pastor Hector, Victory Outreach; and Longino “Geno” Barragan, a good standing business owner of CanMa Dental. It is my pleasure to acknowledge the incredible work they continuously do for our City.

Mexican Independence Day

I was honored to collaborate with the Compton Latino Chamber of Commerce in the celebration of Mexican Independence Day. As the Mayor of this great city, I will always acknowledge the vibrant Mexican community in Compton and their significant contributions to our cultural fabric. The success of this event showed our continuous commitment to embracing the various cultures and histories of Compton’s residents.

We enjoyed a day of traditional music and dance performances, exquisite cuisine, and folklore artwork in remembrance of Mexico’s struggle for independence from Spanish colonial rule. We honor the sacrifice and struggle of those who came before us to continue to improve our community for those who live long after us.

City of Compton’s Champion’s Track Banquet

The City of Compton’s Compton Electric Speed Junior track team placed in the Junior Olympics. This win makes them two-time National Champions. As a city, we are collectively proud of how hard they train and push each other to cross that finish line together. These young men broke two records at the 2023 USATF Junior Olympics. The first is a 30-year-old record in the 4X400 relay and a 20-year-old record in the 4 X 100 relay.

I hosted a celebratory banquet for Compton’s Electric Speed and Imani Speed City. It was a joyous occasion commemorating the pride and recognition these teams have brought to the City of Compton. I was proud to stand with track star Lionel Larry and basketball legend Bobby Jones as I watched their presence and insights inspire our children. As a city, we rally behind you, Compton Electric, and Imani Speed City, and look forward to seeing more great things from our young people.

Eazy Street

The City of Compton hosted a street sign dedication ceremony to rename Auto Drive to Eazy Street after the late rapper Eazy-E. This event was hosted by the Compton Entertainment Chamber of Commerce to honor the community contributions on the late rapper and the impact it has made for the City of Compton and hip hop.

The Mayor and Council, along with Eazy-E family, friends and fans joined the celebration. This honoring was in perfect timing given the celebration of 50-year anniversary of Hip Hop; allowing us to recognize its profound influence on our community and how the genre had been shaped right here in the City of Compton.

Unified Compton Thanksgiving Giveaway

I and all members of the City Council, The Fisher Brand, Greater Zion Church Family, Walmart, CUSD School Board President, Divine Nine Fraternities and Sororities, Grocery Outlet Bargen Market, Compton Advocates, Rising Communities, and so many more partners gave away one-thousand turkeys, can-goods, and other thanksgiving meal favorites.

I would like to thank every single volunteer, sponsor, and partner who participated in this year’s giveaway. It was such a pleasure seeing so many families happy.

Compton Christmas Parade

On December 9, The City of Compton Celebrated its 68th Christmas Parade. This year’s theme was Around the World Holiday Celebration.  The city celebrated its diverse demographics.  The parade brought so many families, friends, and neighbors to enjoy the holiday season at the Compton Christmas Parade. The parade was on Compton Blvd., started on Bullis Rd and ended at Alameda St.  I personally believe that we gather at the annual Christmas Parade to embrace the joy of the season and the unity that defines our community.

Compton Christmas Giveaway

The City of Compton and several community partners joined together and hosted an annual unified toy giveaway on December 16, 2023, at the Gateway Center in the City of Compton. The holiday celebration was filled with music, food, hands-on family activities, Holiday Maze, Train rides for the whole family, Santa Workshop activities and Real Snow!

Happy New Year!