Jeffery Coprich, Jr. (Courtesy photo)

Student scholars and athletes will be saluted, along with other people, at the awards show sponsored by the Unsung Heroes Leadership Foundation on Sunday, April 2, at the Celebrity Center, located at 5930 Franklin Avenue in Hollywood.

According to Jeffrey Coprich, Jr., UHLF founder, the event begins at 3 p.m., with a red carpet and VIP reception. At 6 p.m., the awards will be presented to future and current history makers. Coprich based his program on the format of the Inner City Destiny Awards created by his father, Jeffery Coprich, Sr.

“The high school and college honorees have carried a trail of strong leadership in the community, in their sport, and in the classroom. Secondly, we honor community heroes, professional athletes, entertainers, and more who made impacts in their communities,” said Coprich, Jr. “Many of our honorees have never had the opportunity to put on a tuxedo and be on a red carpet, and the UHLF team is glad to provide the opportunity for them to do so.”

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Niele Anderson, Fox Soul correspondent and Sentinel digital editor; and former football coach Henry Bell will serve as co-hosts of the show.  Sponsors include McDonald’s, Puma, Legends, Herbalife and Zeven Clothing, which is Coprich Jr.’s clothing line.

Coprich Jr. credits his parents with inspiring him to make a positive contribution to his community and UHLF is a platform to fulfill that philosophy.

“The message behind UHLF is to always strive to evolve and become successful. Perseverance is key, no matter the circumstance, continue to push forward and be a beacon in your community,” advised Coprich, Jr., who added that the main goal of the awards show “goal is to shed light and award our future stars who not only make a big impact in their sports, but also in the classroom and their communities by giving back.”

Tickets for the awards show are $50 and available at

To learn more, visit or on Instagram @uhlfla.