Dr. Jemeker Hairston (Photo: scem7.org )

Dr. Jemeker Thompson-Hairston – author, wife, mother, publisher, and minister of the Gospel -was once known in the streets of L.A. and the world as the “Queen Pin.”

Hairston was at the top of the drug game during the 1980s and early 1990s where on a bad month she racked in $70K. Now, as a minister to women in prison, she urges loved ones to remember those who are currently serving time.

Her strong determination to earn money was birthed at an early age. When Hairston was in the 4th grade, she came home from school one day to learn that she and her family had been evicted from their home.

Hairston asked to live with her grandmother in Mississippi, where she stayed for six years. Upon her return to L.A., Hairston set out to make money – make lots of it and make it fast.

While still in high school, she partnered and later married Anthony M. “Daff” Mosley. Together, they ran a successful cocaine trafficking business in Los Angeles.

After several months in the drug game, Hairston and Mosley expanded their business by moving to the more in-demand drug, crack cocaine. Soon after, tragedy struck, and Mosley was killed while washing his car.

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Then, a devastated and heartbroken Hairston felt lost and didn’t know how she would take care of the son that she had with Mosley. Talked into continuing in the drug business by others who expressed their dependence upon her and the need for her connections, she then went on to expand the business that she started with her late husband by making additional connections and moving into new territories throughout the United States.

“American Queen Pin” the book (queenpin12.com)

Hairston also invested in an L.A.-based hair business, selling hair to celebrities, traveling, and holding high-end hair shows, as a way of making more money, and laundering her drug money.

Not long thereafter, a man that she began dating who was known as “Cheese” proved to be untrustworthy, and he cooperated with authorities and snitched her out after the two parted ways. Hairston then fled L.A. and went into hiding.

She decided to return to L.A. to attend her son’s 6th-grade graduation ceremony where she had a feeling that law enforcement officials might be waiting to arrest her.  Her instincts were right, and she was swiftly arrested, tried, and convicted of drug trafficking.  Hairston received a 15-year prison sentence.

“While in prison, I felt that I only had two choices,” said Hairston, “and that was either death or God.  I chose God, and I gave my life to the Lord right there in prison.”

As a prisoner, she began serving as a minister to other inmates.  She took the same tenacity and determination that she had in the drug game to build up other women and to let them know that through God, they’ll always have a second chance in life.

Hairston was released in 2005 after serving 12 years of that sentence in a maximum-security prison. She then went on to develop Second Chance Evangelistic Ministries (SCEM), a 501c3 non-profit organization.  SCEM was birthed while Hairston was still incarcerated.

SCEM’s mission is to provide inmates with real encouragement, and the opportunity to build positive relationships by staying connected to the “outside” through written correspondence, and sometimes visitations to incarcerated women.

SCEM’s “Letters from the Heart” program corresponds with female inmates throughout the year, so they accept donations year-round, and they welcome donations of postage stamps, greeting cards, decorative paper, and envelopes to be used for letters of encouragement.  They also invite you to visit their website if you want to include a female inmate on their mailing list.

When asked “What is it that you would want to say to the people of L.A. today,” Hairston responded, “I would first say that giving back to the community that I helped to destroy is of the utmost importance to me.

“As someone who has served time, it is important to me to speak out about the women in prison who have been left behind, and who don’t get calls, visits, or letters from their families, or loved ones. That is not right, and I want people to know about it.”


She continued, “A lot of the people in prison now are there because they took the fall for somebody else.  Unfortunately, many women in prison are serving sentences for their partners’ or family member’s actions.

“Tragically, most of the women who took the fall for a man, are abandoned by the one they took the wrap for, and the men that these women covered, end up with another woman. During this holiday season, let’s not forget the men and women who are in jail or prison.”

Minister Hairston is dedicated to sharing her personal testimony of overcoming, which has gained a worldwide impact.  She has been featured on “Gangsters America Most Evil,” “Forbidden,” KCAL9, “700 Club,” TBN, Biography.com, A&E, CBS, CBN, and Netflix’s “Drug Lords.” Her documentary is one of Netflix’s highest-rated programs.

Her current book, “American Queen Pin,” which she wrote with her husband, Champ Hairston, reveals a deeper glimpse of her life’s story and provides steps of her journey in gripping detail. Her story provides real hope and encouragement.

“It does not matter what you have done or are doing right now. You can choose to turn your life around. If God can give me a second chance, He will do the same for YOU,” said Hairston.

Her favorite scripture and the one that she lives by is Revelation 12: 11 – “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.”

Although her testimony has gained worldwide impact, she is clear to give all the glory to God, and she is quick to say, “It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus!”

To purchase her book, or to donate go to: https://www.queenpin12.com/, or https://scem7.org/. 

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