Patti Collins shares her husband’s vision during the meet &
greet for “Funk Not Fight Rally 4 Peace.” (Courtesy photo)

Pastor Hector Monarrez and the members of Victory Outreach Church of Compton welcomed Patti Collins, wife of the legendary funk music bassist and beloved philanthropist Bootsy Collins, to kick-off of the “Funk Not Fight Rally 4 Peace” West Coast Chapter on Saturday, Dec. 30.   The launch was a huge success to the glory of God!

Patti Collins was joined by her group of Super Heroes.  Also participating were the Rev. Charles L. Brown, his wife, Minister Pauline M. Brown, and Anthony Lewis. Lead coordinator Pauline Brown said that the day was beautiful, and although it was raining in other places, we seemed to have been under an “open heaven.”

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Hundreds of people attended the inaugural event including singer Myra Washington, who sang “We Outta B Funkin,” a song that Bootsy Collins song wrote just for the Compton event.

Others in attendance were actor Rodney Allen Rippy. Ambassador Diane E. Watson, Superior Court Judge Kelvin D. Filer, Superior Court Judge Debra R. Archuleta, State Senate candidate Michelle Chambers, Watts NAACP President Carolyn Johnson, Compton NAACP President Paulette Gipson, and Dr. Gerald A. Higginbotham, CEO of Captain’s Millionaires.

Also on hand were Pastor William Reddick of Faith In Christ Church, Mutsuko Uehara of So Cal Financial Education Center, Gina De La Rosa of Realtor TV, Pastor Dr. Timothy Hokes of The Key of David Church, and many other of vendors, volunteers, dancers, and entertainers.

Guitar strings and headphones were donated by TASCAM, Busuyi Gautier, and the Hand Made String DR.  Compton based artist and comic Marcus D. Newsome of “Lightning Strikes” painted a portrait of Peppermint Patti Collins, the co-founder of the “Land of Superheroes.”

Mayor Emma Sharif with Maya Angel and Amora Milan Washington. (Courtesy photo)

The rally was opened in prayer and covered with love and unity. Dancers danced, singers sang, and the food, fun, and fellowship were endless.

In the past month, the Funk Not Fight Rally 4 Peace West Coast Chapter in partnership with U-Can International and Associates Peace Project has added the Camp Blessing Adventure Days to Land of the Superheroes with a six-week-long, Peace Ambassador Program. Six youths of various ages will be sworn in by Judge Filer on Tuesday, Jan. 30, at 4 p.m., at the Compton Superior Court. Safe Hubs will be established in various locations throughout Compton.

The Compton kick-off has gained worldwide attention, just in the few weeks since the event took place.  Stay tuned for more information to come, and groups around the globe begin to form.

Mr. Todd the Horse Man, left, and Rev. Charles Brown. (Courtesy photo)

Patti Collins said, “This message through music will be resonating over and over and over again, and that’s how we’re going to make a difference.

“That’s also how Dr. Martin Luther King’s voice has been heard by our children.  Some of our children don’t even know who he is and what we’re talking about when we mention him, but they’re going to feel us, and they’re going to understand us through the power of music. My husband has made a firm resolve that this is what’s going to help calm the violence, the power of music, and our message together.”

Judge Kelvin Filer and Amythyst Jefferson-Roberts of the Compton Union PTA Council. (Courtesy photo)

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