Actor and Videographer Jermaine Alexander (Hemali Photography)

Reflecting deeply on his experience and appreciation for The Robey Theatre Company, actor Jermaine Alexander is preparing to support the tribute to the late Paul Robeson on Sunday, April 9, at 1 p.m., at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles.

The Robey Theatre Company was inspired by Robeson, who is internationally recognized as an activist, actor, artist, and athlete. The group will salute Robeson’s accomplishments and legacy in celebration of his 125th birthday.

The program will include an informal conversation with actor Danny Glover, Robey co-founder, and a dramatic monologue by Ben Guillory, Robey co-founder and producing artistic director. Also, The Robey Theatre Company actors will perform original scenes depicting significant moments in the life of Robeson.

Alexander, a longtime admirer of Robeson, plans to come out to the event and hopes people throughout greater L.A. will attend. Citing the impact of Robeson, he said, “A lot of people should get to know who Paul Robeson was – Black or not.  He broke through so many barriers that it would help anyone to better understand the plight of blackness in America.”

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Describing Robeson as the first Black superstar, Alexander noted, “Paul Robeson was a man who excelled in so many areas, whose father was a runaway slave and his mother died when he was only six years old.

“He’s a man who bounced back from an oppressive society to reach the level of success that is just purely miraculous. Learning about the late Paul Robeson should inspire anyone of any culture to know that they can do anything that they put their mind to do.”

Originally from Oakland, California, Alexander is best known for his role as Frankie in “The Young and The Restless.”  His career has spanned both stage and screen. In 2011, Alexander moved to L.A from the Bay Area and continued his training with master teachers while taking on any acting role he could.

Alexander has performed at The Robey Theater, Santa Monica Playhouse, Lee Strasberg Institute, Long Beach Playhouse and other independent theaters. These projects included the works of August Wilson, Anton Checkov, and Lynn Nottage.

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In 2014, Alexander wrote, directed, acted in, and produced a pilot “California Dreamin,” which was well received by local critics. He also directed his first indie feature film, “Foreseen,” based on a novel by Ashley Fontainne.

Alexander’s most recent appearance was on episode 9 of “Criminal Minds Evolution.” He will also appear on HBO’s “Barry, Season 4,” which is scheduled to air on Sunday, April 16.

Alexander has a heart for helping the youth and anyone else who has a passion for acting.  He wants to encourage anyone who wants to be in the business to just “be the artist you want to be”.  “Find a mentor who believes in you the way you believe in yourself.”

Recalling how his manager inspired him, Alexander called her a “godsend” for advising him to “do theater, write material and learn about different cultures.”

“I always recite the quote by Paul Robeson, where he said, ‘Artists are the gatekeepers of truth.’ How can a person know the truth if one doesn’t learn about another person and how they relate to the world,” stressed Alexander.

Acknowledging the positive impact of Robeson and The Robey Theatre Company, he said, “It’s a place where I get to be the artist I want to be. The artistic director, Ben Guillory, is a rare gem to the theater community.  The Robey Theater is rich in Black history and it’s for us and by us.”

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