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Everything has a beginning. When you see beauty or mediocre or excellence or not perfection, we can know factually that everything has a beginning and there is thought before action.   

Perhaps the thought is quick. Other times the thought is more thought and more thought. So, you see and envision possibilities and beginnings. You can see a building, an apartment house, a homeless person’s meek abode, a billionaire home, or whatever.   

Know that these are outward demonstrations and evidence of thought/s previously occurred. You will remember some of the indications of Daniel, some of his prophecies. What did he have that some of us have, and some do not have.  

Some of us have and some of us hold on to it, while others let it go to the wind. What are we talking about? Do you recall the parable of the sower? How the sower sowed seeds? 

Some of the seeds were thrown to the ground. Some of the seeds were thrown into the bushes (so to speak). Some of the seeds were planted with great care and were properly cared for, nurtured, watered in that rich soil and prospered. The mustard seed in particular is profiled biblically. The mustard seed is a little seed, but it grows into a huge plant and birds and others can feast on the tree.   

Do you recall the faith of Daniel? Remember when King Nebuchadnezzar had the most frightening dream in Daniel chapters 2 and 3. It was about time frames of things were to come. None of his “wise men” could interpret the dream.  

Here is my point. Daniel had been endowed with great divine vision gifts to interpret dreams. The king was enraged that his “sorcerers, diviners and officials” couldn’t interpret the dream. Daniel was called and interpreted the dream, which described what things would come to pass, future events, those things which were  to happen at the end of days (Daniel 2::28).  

Let’s ask the question, “How did Daniel manage to bring forth such dramatic prophecies?” Daniel had been raised in a household that was firm in the faith of Jehovah. Daniel, having been entrenched in the law, the prophets and writings, he did not depart from the faith.  

It was that faith which kept him whole. It was that faith that he held on to and would not forsake it. He was greatly rewarded for giving his interpretation of the dream (Daniel 2:48). He was made governor of the whole province of Babylon and chief prefect of the wise men of Babylon. The king also appointed Daniel’s friends to administer the province of Babylon while Daniel himself was at the king’s court.  

High positions and promotions and great success brings its other side too. One big one is jealousy. Those around who became knowledgeable of the success set out to damage, persecute and sought the demise of Daniel and the friends. Faith heals. 

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