1010 Wine (Josua Blake-Ham)

Inglewood’s one and only wine bar 1010 Wine hosted a two-night seven-course wine dinner to commemorate the rich history of Kwanzaa. In partnership with Soul of Sonoma (SoS) a family-run business born out of a shared love for wine, the inaugural Kwanzaa Extravaganza event celebrated Black excellence and community, leaving guests with an everlasting impression on what it means to reimagine Kwanzaa.

Innovative and well-respected, owned by sisters, Leslie, and LeAnn Jones, 1010 Wine has brought a fresh new energy to Inglewood. The first and only of its kind, the wine bar has an extensive wine list from Black owned wine companies and celebrities like Isaa Rae, Dwayne Wade, and Cedric The Entertainer. Along with an impressive food menu, friendly staff, and a perfectly arranged space, the wine bar stands as a testament to the art of hospitality.

LeAnn & Leslie Jones (Joshua Blake-Ham)

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Over the past five years, SoS has curated exceptional winery visits, offering distinctive tasting journeys near Napa Valley. More recently SoS launched VISTAS Magazine to cater to the interests of their clients. The Black owned publication focuses on food, wine, and lifestyle pieces that amplify Black interests and experiences.

During the extravaganza guests were able to indulge in a unique and intimate culinary experience brought to them by extraordinary chefs Seth Brundle, Mo Marvel, and Raina Poré. The seven-course dinner, inspired by the seven principles of Kwanzaa, designed by Black chefs, paired with Black wines, hosted at a Black owned wine bar, was a moment only meant to be experienced. The night began with music and a pre-dinner wine selection. Some house rules and a Japanese whiskey toast from Shinju presented by Ramona Burns, initiated the evening as hosts Leslie Jones and Patrice Davenport introduced the first pairing.

Patrice Davenport & Leslie Jones (Joshua Blake-Ham)

Originating in Southern California, Kwanzaa is rooted in empowerment and community. The weeklong observance was officially recognized as a holiday in the 1960s in the wake of the Watts riots. Kwanzaa’s name refers to the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” meaning the first harvest. 1010 Wine and SoS promised an elegant affair aimed at bridging cultural traditions, and they did not disappoint. A Kwanzaa event hosted in the heart of Inglewood was true work of alignment going into the new year.

Throughout the night 1010 Wine staff and the chefs explained the pairings and their significance in flavor and style. Guests were eager to marvel and praise each course as they ate. The event concluded with desert and warm thank yous from the hosts and standing ovations for the chefs.

1010 Wine Staff (Joshua Blake-Ham)