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Luke opens his Gospel writings about 6 BC with the scene where Mary was taking care of the duties that women did in Nazareth, Galilee when something unusual and unheard of happens to her! She is visited by Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God and had been sent by God!  

 Mary was a virgin betrothed to Joseph for marriage. In those ancient days, to be betrothed was like being married. This angelic visitor greeted her with words she didn’t understand and were troubling to her. But being an innocent, obedient young girl, she listened attentively to Gabriel’s wondrous announcement.  

 He said, “Fear not, Mary. You have found favor with God! And you are going to conceive a son named Jesus even though you have not had relations with a man.”  What a dramatic and unforgettable message and promise! Through all of that, she yielded obediently and just said, “I am a handmaid of the Lord and as you have said, so shall it be according to your word.”  

 This passage has always struck me. Her attitude is remarkable. It is a state of mind to be modeled in our lives. She had heard the dramatic event which was to take place. She accepted the heavenly word. She did not talk back.  

 She did ask the question, “How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?” She didn’t belabor the question or her lack of understanding. She moved forward with Gabriel’s announcement and exclamation. In simpler words – Mary believed.  

 That’s what we’re talking about when we hear the Gospel – respond in faith by believing. Respond in obedience.  No wavering. No doubt.  

 Jesus told His disciples in advance that He was going away and that He would return. They did not understand. One of the disciples said, “Show us the Father.” Jesus replied, “Have I been with you all this time and now you say to me, show us the Father.” Jesus strongly replied, “The Father and I are one. You have seen me and therefore you have seen the Father.”  

 In another place, He said, “If you don’t believe me…believe the miracles which I have performed.”  “The Boy Child” is very important and critical to the going forth of Elohim’s creation of Man. He carries the seed. The woman receives the seed. God nurtures that seed in the womb and as we have read in Psalm 139, Elohim (The Creator) knows each of us before we are born.  

 In the beginning in Genesis, the serpent did not accept Elohim’s decision to create “the Boy Child.” The serpent was furious!! He decided he wanted to be God and went about disrupting God’s program with the intent to destroy Elohim’s creation and all therein. He convinced one third of the angels to follow him in His rebellious revolt.  

 He did not win then, and he will not win now. Satan can only do what God allows him to do. The Lord makes it clear that He is the only one true God and beside Him there is no other God!  

 As Jesus moves into His ministry, John baptizes Jesus. As soon as His ministry begins, Satan comes to discourage Him and destroy the mission by trying to distract Jesus or tempt Him to disobey His Father and accept a tradeoff by receiving possessions and other egregious, greedy substitutions instead of completing His mission to bring salvation to the lost.  

 Jesus says, “For I have come to seek and to save that which was lost.” He came to offer salvation to all who accept Him as the Messiah, the Son of God, Jesus the Christ who died for the sins of all mankind. That includes, male, female and all others who will repent and accept Jesus as the only door into His eternal kingdom.   

 When Jesus began His ministry, He was often attacked and persecuted by the religious hierarchy and enemies of the day with threats of murder. He suffered intense persecution, ending in His crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus was on a divine timeline. They could only assassinate Him when the door was open to do so.  

 Judas was the conduit, both a traitor and one who committed an act solely to carry out his life’s mission – to commit evil. Although Jesus’ accusers were afraid, jealous and envious of Him, they never imagined or could project that His crucifixion and resurrection was just what The Father had planned.  

 Jesus suffered through at least seven unfair trials and false accusations from witnesses who could not agree. He was charged with tax evasion, treason, terrorism and blasphemy. They created a scenario with trumped up charges. Jesus went before judges. Pilate proclaimed he could not find anything wrong He had done.  

 Jesus, in obeying the Father, kept with the divine program and was resurrected after which he was seen alive by as many as 500 at one time. Jesus Christ is risen indeed. And He walks with me, and He talks with me and He tells me that I am His own. He will never forsake you or abandon you. I will never replace “The Boy Child.”  

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