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Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest and most powerful monarch (the sole ruler) of the Babylonian kings. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream here, and Daniel’s interpretation of it, looks much higher, to the four monarchies, the concerns of Israel in them, and the kingdom of the Messiah, which should be set up in the world upon the ruins of them.

Nebuchadnezzar was put into a dream, which he had forgotten, and he commanded the magicians to tell him what it was, which they could not pretend to do. He gave orders for the destroying of all the wise men of Babylon and of Daniel among the rest, with his friends.

Daniel discovers this secret to him in answer to prayer and the thanksgiving he offered to God. His admission to the king and the discovery he made to him both of his dream and the interpretation of it.  The king gave great honor, which Nebuchadnezzar put upon Daniel great honor, to pay him for his service and the preference of his companions with him.

Daniel, by prudence, knew how to deal with men and he prevailed with them. Daniel knew the power of prayer, to converse with God and he found favor with Him, both in petition and in thanksgiving, which are the two principal parts of prayer.

Through prayer, look up to God as the God of heaven, a God above us who has dominion over us and to whom we owe adoration and allegiance, a God of power, who can do everything. Our savior has taught us to pray to God as our Father in heaven. Whatever good we pray for, our dependence must be upon the mercies of God for it and an interest in those mercies we must desire; we can expect nothing by way of recompense for our merits, but all as the gift of God’s mercies.

They desired mercy concerning this secret. Whatever is the matter of our care must be the matter of our prayer; we must desire the mercy of God concerning this thing and the other thing that occasions us trouble and fear. It is God that changes the times and the seasons and the face of them. No change comes to pass by chance but according to the will and counsel of God. Are those who were kings removed and deposed? Do they abdicate? Are they laid aside?

It is God who removes kings. Are the poor raised out of the dust to be set among princes? It is God that sets up kings and the making and unmaking of kings is a flower of his crown who is the fountain of all power, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Are there men that excel others in wisdom, philosophers and statesmen, that think above the common rate, contemplative penetrating men? It is God who gives wisdom to the wise, whether they be so wise as to acknowledge it or not; they have it not of themselves, but it is He who gives knowledge to those that know understanding, which is a good reason why we should not be proud of our knowledge, and why we should serve and honor God with it and make it our business to know Him.

He gives him the glory of this particular discovery. He praises him, First, for that he could make such a discovery: He reveals the deep and secret things that are hidden from the eyes of all living. It was He that revealed to man what is true wisdom when no one else could. It is He that reveals things to come to his servants and prophets. Daniel explains the “impossible dream next.

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