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Psalm 68:28 specifically brings up the subject of God’s (and extended to our enemies when we are a friend of God) and the scattering of them.

It starts out with Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered: Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. Just as smoke is driven away, drive them away also and as wax melts before the fire, let the wicked perish at the presence of God. Let the righteous be glad.” 

“God: Elohim” is referred to 26 times because it has to do with the scattering of His enemies. Our enemies are moved from their oath of hatred and path of destruction, literally turned back from pursuing their enemies and they will destroy themselves. You may look for them and they are nowhere to be found.

It is a powerful Psalm and verse 28 to be read at this time in our history. We need prayer and guidance on the direction of our prayers and requests before the Holy Almighty God.

Do not worry. Do not be anxious. Do not fear. Make your requests be made known to God and the peace of God that transcends all understanding will keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Although, we want to say sometimes what we have done, but when we calculate and trace the background of what successes we have, we can only give accountability to God and trace it back to Him if we want to be honest.

David reminds the people once more that they had not triumphed by their own strength, but by power communicated from above. This is worthy of meditation and looking into where our success has come. God gives the inspiration to defeat our enemies. He transmits messages by the Holy Spirit and actualizes them through our thoughts to bring into the physical realm and give success.

Another lesson which the passage teaches us is that more is required than that God should visit us at first with his preventing grace; that we stand constantly in need of his assistance throughout our whole lives. If this be true in the literal warfare, where our conflict is with flesh and blood, it must be still more so in matters of the soul.

It is impossible that we could stand one moment in the contest with such enemies as Satan, sin, and the world, did we not receive from God the grace which secures our perseverance. As we stand praying for success in our endeavors, we need also to forgive our enemies and pray for their repentance and the salvation of their souls.

That’s a difficult combination. But, it’s required when dealing with the Almighty God (God, Elohim). As this Psalm 68:28 pronounces victory, it tells us to rejoice in Him. From His holy habitation speaks of protecting widows and fatherless and those with no homes and giving them families.

Let God arise” is a prayer as they march forth with the Ark and be protected from their enemies.  This prayer is our guide as we go forth in our daily comings and goings expecting God’s divine protection as we trust Him. With Moses divine guidance, the Hebrews and the mixed multitude (perhaps as many as 2 million and more people) left behind hundreds of years of slavery and marched through the wilderness with the cloud and fire for guidance.

But, now we have the Holy Spirit ever present as our guide and protection. We need to listen to His voice. This always keeps us. God has summoned power for us strength and help as we recall His past goodness. GOD gives strength and power to us. He summons power for us in time of difficulties. God stops wars! Psalm 46:9 “He makes wars to cease.” We need this NOW.

What does it take to stop wars? It takes obedience to God’s word – for example, helping the poor and needy and living by His reasons and His example. It can be a strict life, but also a life of freedom because we have peace in our minds that we are living in His way and thinking godly thoughts and seeking divine guidance.

Why do we have wars? James tells us. “People fight because they are not satisfied within themselves. They do not have peace. People are greedy and ask for things to just get more and more. The friendship of the world is enmity to God.”

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