Tamala Jones

Tamala Jones stars as “Rose” in the new film “Ordinary Angels.” It is based on the true story of a struggling hairdresser, Sharon Stevens, who finds a renewed sense of purpose when she meets a widowed father working hard to care for his two daughters. With his youngest critically ill and waiting for a liver transplant, the fierce woman single-handedly rallies an entire community to help.

According to the website History vs. Hollywood, Jones’ character is not based on a real person.

However, in the film, Rose runs a beauty salon with Stevens, who is portrayed by Hilary Swank. They are good friends and Rose tries her best to keep Sharon, a recovering alcoholic, on the straight and narrow.

“I learned [from “Ordinary Angels”] this life is never just about us,” said Jones. “It’s always about the impact we make on others, how we give to others, how we make others feel, and how we take care of ourselves.”

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Jones says she thinks the film did an amazing job telling what happened to this family and showing the real emotion behind their experience.

“This movie was such a blessing to me, because I love things based on a true story, and because Rose reminds me so much of my grandmother,” stated Jones. “She was always willing to help, always willing to lend a hand, always rallying up the troops, so we can get things moving.”

Jones states she also enjoyed working with “Ordinary Angels” director Jon Gunn, who she calls an amazing storyteller.

She also credits the female heavy crew for their contributions to the film, particularly writers Meg Tilly and Kelly Fremon Craig. Jones exclaimed, “They wrote the hell out of this movie!”

She was also impressed by the performances delivered by the two young actresses, Skywalker Hughes and Emily Mitchell who portrayed “Ashley Schmitt” and “Michelle Schmitt,” respectively.

“Then there was our DP [Director of Photography] Maya Bankovic… her lighting also helped tell the story, so when people see this, I hope that people will want to become ordinary angels, themselves,” said Jones. “We all have it in us, we can all do random acts of kindness.”

Tamala Jones as “Rose” in “Ordinary Angels”

Jones says seeing the film for the first time brought out unexpected emotions, that she did not know it would evoke.

“I didn’t expect to see what I saw and didn’t expect to feel what I felt when I watched it, and I hate watching myself on film… but it was then that I knew this is it, this is a good one, this is what everyone needs right now this is what I needed right now,” said Jones.

Although the story is based on a white class of individuals and features a predominately white cast, Jones believes it as a universal story of need and help that will also resonate with Black audiences.

“I think they [Black audiences] will get that sense of family bond. If you forgot about it, you will remember when you guys used to get together, the magic you created, the fun you had watching a movie together,” said Jones.

More importantly Jones says, she wants African American audiences to understand that if there is an individual need for help, do not be afraid to ask for it.

“I want people to ask for help. If you’re not feeling well, if you feel like you can’t do it, I need you to tell somebody, and stop being afraid to do so, because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed,” stated Jones.

Jones also wants audiences to know the filmmakers, cast and crew have established a fund to help all families in need. It is in honor of the “Ordinary Angels, coming to theaters on February 23.

They aim to raise $10,000,000 in medical debt relief. Every $1 you donate eliminates $100 in medical debt.

For more information visit https://ripmedicaldebt.org/campaign/ordinary-angels-extraordinary-difference/#:~:text=In%20honor%20of%20the%20powerful,eliminates%20%24100%20in%20medical%20debt.?