The California Endowment

Calling Mister Senor Love Daddy

In Spike Lee’s iconic racial-awakening film, “Do The Right Thing,” the legendary Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of a charismatic, peace-and-love promoting disc jockey in a Brooklyn neighborhood named “Mister Senor Love Daddy.” Boy oh boy – have we needed Mister Senor Love Daddy’s messaging and leadership in my beloved Los Angeles this past couple of weeks. The outrage and fallout of the horrific racist, homophobic, antisemitic, and anti-indigenous rantings and commentary including three city council members continue. In one particularly poignant scene in “Do The Right Thing,” Spike Lee features a series of White, Black, Latino, and Asian

California Foundations Drop $100 Million in ‘Black Freedom Fund’

Last week, philanthropic organizations and other funders joined hands to launch the California Black Freedom Fund (CBFF), a new $100 million initiative that will provide resources to Black-led organizations in the state of California over the next five years.

Improving Black/Latino Relations is Their Job, Not Others’

Improving Black/Latino relations was never really a major political priority in Los Angeles but should have been. Why? Sustainable collaboration between the two groups, based on mutual respect and an explicit commitment to honor the terms of any agreement to work together, is really the only way to strengthen their relationship and respective goals.