Southern University

Dr. Cheeks is a National ‘GEM’ In STEAM

Since starting her career journey in the chemical industry while at Southern University and A&M College, Dr. Loretta H. Cheeks has defiled many odds for what is possible for a lifelong career doing what she loves and being who she is. She wears her overcoming many odds success stories as a badge of honor considering the struggles her ancestors bared to make it possible for her to be here today. 

A Louisiana Girl with California Wine

Darjean Jones is a first-generation winemaker and owner of Darjean Jones Wines. As a student, she researched plants and plant diseases at Southern University and A&M College, University of California – Davis, and the US Department of Agriculture. Her dissertation research focused on Pierce’s Disease of grapevine, requiring her to spend countless hours in California vineyards.

Tournament of Roses President Visits Southern University

When it comes to marching bands, there’s just something about the big bands at HBCUs that sets them apart from your average ensemble of snares, woodwinds and brass. For bands like the Southern University Marching Band, also known as the “Human Jukebox,” it’s all about soul – and of course it’s all about the big sound- but most of all, it’s about putting on an epic performance. Now, fans of the famous Human Jukebox marching band can see them represent Louisiana in the 131stRose Parade 2020.

HBCUs, Others Play for Pay in the NCAA, Millions paid to smaller schools

Like many teams at historically black colleges and universities across the nation, Howard University’s football team lost its first two games of the season by embarrassingly large margins; for Howard, a combined score of 118 to 0. The second trouncing, a 76-0 loss to Boston College, made national news when referees shortened the game to avoid injuries and further embarrassment. Meanwhile, Morgan State, a perennial MEAC powerhouse, lost 63 to 7 in its first game and 67 to 14 a week later.  Other HBCU teams posted similar results.  In all, they lost by combined scores of 492 to 92 in