From left are Jerica Parker, MaKai Cody, Jade Chandler, ShaVon Luckey, ​Kaylah Lamkin, and Drelynn Divinity. (Courtesy photo)

Pressure Fitness Club is an inclusive fellowship at Tuskegee University, which fosters an outlet for self-improvement, community, and health. Founded by president and certified personal trainer Jade Chandler, a graduating senior majoring in Marketing at the university and born and bred in Pasadena, the club established its roots on the legendary campus.

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Chandler is known for her challenging workouts, perpetuating her slogan “No Pressure, No Diamonds.” Vice president and Nursing major, Tynique Wilson, also hailing from Pasadena,  acts as a liaison to the president while maintaining a booming fresh juice business on campus called “Vibrantly Vital.”

Treasurer, club yoga teacher, and San Fernando Valley native ShaVon Luckey, an English and Sociology major, fosters an environment that welcomes emotion, thought, and introspection primarily through “yin” yoga.

Drelynn Divinity raised in Chino Hills, Nursing major, and club secretary provides grandiose entertainment with her rousing personality to PFC events when she’s not working with Chandler to keep club affairs in order.

Sergeant-at-arms Mikayla Gittoes, originating from Compton  and a Nursing major, is consistent and dependable in communication and attendance for all events revolving around the club.

In August, the ladies of PFC displayed the club at the annual club fair hosted by Tuskegee University. There were over 140 sign-ups that withered down to 30 dedicated members.

PFC members gathered for their first campus event. (Courtesy photo)

The photo featured shows the members during their first campus event, which included a warm-up, a campus run up the beloved “Ave,” and a vinyasa flow followed by snacks and drinks. The Tuskegee Fire Department even made an appearance to ensure safety while giving some members some extra pep!

As previously mentioned, Chandler is a known personal trainer having trained 60 individuals over the course of three years.  Explaining what prompted her to create the club, Chandler responded, “My drive for starting Pressure Fitness Club stemmed from the physicality deserts that Tuskegee students and residents deal with on a daily basis. I wanted to create a space where students, administrators, and residents can get not just physically fit, but mentally stronger and educated on how physical health is vital to our well-being.

“I find that surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals, who have the same goals and who want better, can produce nothing but change. My goal is to educate everyone who steps into my club and those who approach me in regard to their physical well-being.”

Chandler is set to graduate in May of 2024. Her absence will leave an influential role seemingly gaping. As for her plans for the club following her departure, she said, “I plan on passing the club down to Tynique Wilson and she will continue to make the club her own and make it better for upcoming students.”

Although Chandler has secured the future of the club, she plans on developing influence and outreach through the “Molding Diamonds” $500 scholarship prize. Applicants must be currently enrolled as undergraduate students or high school seniors planning on enrolling in an accredited college or university. The application deadline is June 1, 2024.

For more information regarding the club or scholarship, email [email protected].