Rev. Joseph Lowery

Lifting Up Lowery, Vivian and Lewis: Living the Legacy, Freeing the People

Clearly, there are several lessons to be gleaned from the legacy of these freedom warriors and workers for a new society and world. And the first is to rightfully locate them in Black history among their people, our people in the midst of an unfinished and ongoing Black freedom struggle. Indeed, there can be no correct understanding, appropriate appreciation or honest emulation of their lives and the lives of all those who preceded them and made them and us possible and of those who were their co-combatants, unless we place them all in the context of their people, our people, Black people and our struggle.

Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery Laid to Rest at Private Family Funeral

A public memorial will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020, which would have been Dr. Lowery’s 99th birthday, with the hope and prayer that this pandemic will be behind us. This celebration will ensure friends and supporters from near and far can honor Dr. Lowery and his legacy, together as a community, in a manner that he so rightfully deserves.