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Report: COVID-19 Now is The Third Leading Cause of Death Among Black People

“In 2020, more Black Americans will die of COVID-19 than will succumb to diabetes, strokes, accidents, or pneumonia. In fact, COVID-19 is currently the third leading cause of death for African Americans,” concluded Trevon Logan, professor of economics at the Ohio State University and Bradley L. Hardy of the American University in Northwest, Washington D.C. Logan and Hardy are co-authors of a new report from the Brookings Institution, “The Hamilton Project, Racial Economic Inequality Amid the COVID-19 Crisis.”

Student Athlete of the Week: Dwayne Haskins

Ohio State Buckeyes sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins had the talent, skill and leadership qualities to maintain the winning culture of the Ohio State Buckeyes. After playing eight games with no starts during his freshmen year, Haskins came into the 2018 season as a starter. With Haskins as the main signal caller, the Buckeyes had a prosperous season with a 13-1 overall record. He ascended through the ranks of college football by becoming one of the top ten college quarterbacks in the country. His quarterback rating at 86.3 placed him at fourth. During the season, Haskins made 50 touchdown passes and

New film chronicles the adversity – and success of track star Jesse Owens

Track star Jesse Owens’ legacy is both remarkable and often forgotten. The upcoming drama film, Race, attempts to rectify this by bringing Owens’ historic journey to the Olympics to life.

The film, which stars Selma actor Stephan James as Jesse Owens and Jason Sudeikis as his headstrong coach Larry Snyder, chronicles Owens’ journey to Ohio State on a track scholarship, all the way to his four gold medal victories in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.