Mayor Emma Sharif

Compton Beatification Transforms the Community

On April 20, early morning volunteers gathered at 212 West Cypress Street in Compton. Individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, companies, churches along with Pastors came out for the Compton Initiative’s Bright Lights of Compton Lighthouse Event held to clean and beautify Compton.

Compton Hosts 3rd Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway and Community Bulk Day

The City of Compton’s 3rd Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway transformed the newly named Eazy Street into a hub of holiday cheer, as families and children came together to receive delightful holiday gifts – from books to electronics and fun games, the city collected over 4,000 toys for children.

Mayor Emma Sharif’s Compton’s Corner

The City Audit Towards the end of last year, the City of Compton received an audit report from the State of California with recommendations on improving our City’s financial standing. We are proud to report that the City has met all the April deadlines for Priority 1 Recommendations listed in the Audit with the support of the City Manager’s Office, City Controller’s Office, and Human Resources Department. The City Council has help comply with the deadlines by adopting resolutions to adhere to the audit’s recommendation of prioritizing open and competitive hiring processes for all positions including hiring a consultant to

Compton’s Corner

Welcome to the first edition of Compton’s Corner. I am Mayor Emma Sharif. This article will be dedicated to informing citizens of the progress the City is making and to address long-time concerns. Compton’s Corner, Mayor Emma Sharif, Street Projects, tree trimming, city parks

Compton Community Engages Prayer to Fight Crime

An ecumenical and multicultural group of concerned citizens answered the call of the Rev. Dr. Michael J. Fisher to join him in a vigil and rally to beseech God’s guidance in catching the killers of Pastor Reggie Moore as well as erasing the criminal element from the city.