Mary Bushee

Mama Shye Hosts First Black Girl Yard Sale

Meet Alex Harrell, better known as Mama Shye. Harrell curated the brand of ‘Mama Shye’ in 2017 when she was 38-weeks pregnant with her first-born daughter, Zara. 

‘Subjects of Desire’ Screened at the 30th Anniversary of Pan African Film Festival

‘Subjects of Desire’, a provocative feature documentary written and directed by Jennifer Holness, screened at the 30th Anniversary of the Pan African Film Festival that took place in Los Angeles this past weekend from April 19 to May 1. Jennifer had to reschedule her 30th wedding anniversary to Greece in order to be in attendance for her screening at this festival, that’s how special this screening was to her. This documentary has been screened at over 30 film festivals across the world but being supported by the black community is always a great feeling she states.

Soul Source LA Creates Promotes Self-Expression

Soul Source LA is an event curated by Eric Carter Chu, better known in the DJ realm as “its.blksoap.” The inspiration for Soul Source LA is to create a safe space that promotes freedom and self expression for dancers and deejays.