Eric Chu (Courtesy photo)

Soul Source LA is an event curated by Eric Carter Chu, better known in the DJ realm as “its.blksoap.” The inspiration for Soul Source LA is to create a safe space that promotes freedom and self expression for dancers and deejays.

The goal is to make sure that the party environment that is being curated harnesses back to the energy that was present at these style events during the 1990’s. It’s a great reminder of the love and inspiration that inspired dancers and deejay’s to tap into this form of artistry.

Eric got his inspiration for deejaying while in Taiwan and realizing that Black culture is the biggest influence in the world. Spending time in Asia hearing music created by Black people, but not seeing any representation made him question why Black people are perceived the way they are around the world.

Soul Source LA logo (Courtesy photo)

Often the music has a negative connotation and it is rooted in stereotypes and negativity, which inspired him to get into the industry and represent the culture in a way that feels positive and authentic. Soul Source became an extension of his vision to shed a different light within Black music.

The event plays a large variety of music, from instrumental beats,to a wide range of house music to 90’s R&B and neo soul. The event is free, so every kind of artist is able to attend and not have to worry about expenses or it being about a popularity contest. Eric along with his two co-founders make a vital point to keep this event targeted for the community.

Soul Source LA takes place the third Sunday of every month. The next event on Saturday, May 21, will be their four year anniversary since their first show in 2018. This event is great for those who enjoy the freedom of dancing and have an appreciation for different genres of music curated by Black people.