Krista Jones represents Truth Skincare at the Juneteenth festival. (Courtesy photo)

Skin care is a part of everyone’s daily routine and it is important to make sure the products that are used daily are safe and do not have harmful long-term effects. Truth Skincare is a Black woman-owned and operated organic skincare line based out of the great city of Inglewood, CA.

Krista Jones, born and raised in Los Angeles, created a clean skin care line for women and men. Jones ensures, “All of the products are made fresh to order using only natural healthy ingredients. As I love to say our products are made with ingredients you can actually pronounce!”

The average woman uses 12 different beauty products every day — cleansers, conditioners, hair dyes, fragrances, skin care products, scented lotions, nail polish, and makeup, to name a few. Take a quick glance at the labels, and you’ll see a cocktail of chemical components.

There are several Truth Skincare products available. (Courtesy photo)

You might assume that all these ingredients have been tested to ensure that they’re safe for long-term use. That’s not the case, according to Jones, who has always been passionate about natural beauty products. “I remember being pregnant with my son 12 years ago and mixing different natural ingredients together to keep my growing belly moisturized in order to prevent stretch marks,” she recalls.

Jones has an extensive background in business and received a Bachelor’s degree in this area from Clark Atlanta University. She immediately entered the field working at various start-ups and helping build businesses from the ground up. Jones had ambitions to take all that she learned from school and work and apply it to a business of her own.

She realized, “There is a need for something truly organic in the skin care market. Most organic or natural skin care companies are not 100% clean and natural like Truth Skincare is. All of my products are made with love using organic, clean and cruelty-free ingredients.”

Truth Skincare recently celebrated its two-year anniversary at the Juneteenth Leimert park festival. Jones, who had so much fun hosting the business anniversary at the festival, said, “Everyone was so welcoming, supportive, and excited to learn more about my products. Not only was I able to enjoy the entertainment and food, I was surrounded by like-minded people who live, work and grew up in the community.

“I learned so much from fellow entrepreneurs and got to meet so many of my current customers, as well as acquire new ones.  Overall, it was a great day!”

Jones states, “Truth Skincare is for everybody! Black, Hispanic, White, male, female, and everything in between. I have a Black Soap Acne Cleanser for the teen suffering from breakouts, and I also have an Anti-Aging Serum for those who may be looking to prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

“The intention behind Truth Skincare was to ensure that healthy organic skincare products were accessible to everyone at affordable prices. I am inspired every day to create clean products that are effective, fun and supportive of a healthy and happy lifestyle.”

Truth Skincare is now sold in retail stores in Los Angeles. Products can be found at Uplift Us Marketplace in Westfield Culver City Mall. To shop visit