Loyola Law School


Attorney Kree D. Filer is announcing the opening of her private law practice effective February 1, 2021. The young lawyer says, “This has been my lifelong dream….to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and father! I look forward to having my own cases to work on and having my own clients to fight for. I also know that a private law practice is a business and respect the challenges and opportunities that will be presented in this endeavor.“

Methods Revealed for De-escalation Among Police at 2nd Annual Community Policing Conference

Saturday, November 16 at the St. Anne’s Conference Center, gathered 250 community members, academics, and law enforcement to discuss how to re-define public safety. The objective was to share insight on community-based strategies to combat police escalations leading to the fatality of civilian life. The format of the discussion was broken up into two parts; the shared responsibility for peace and the paradigm shifts of power between community and city government. This event was hosted by the LA County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission and the Department of Public health.

Loyola Public Service Institute, LMU Global Policy Institute Partner For “Celebrating Public Service” Inaugural Event

“We are thrilled to bring an illustrious group of speakers to Loyola Marymount University and Loyola Law School. We hope this two-day conference will help our students, graduates and others learn from and interact with professionals who have served in all levels of government,” said Professor Jessica A. Levinson, founding director of the LPSI. “Our goal is to help current students and professionals become leaders in government service.”