One Year After George Floyd: America and the Police

It appears that two important things have happened since the death of Geoge Floyd at the hand of the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota: (1) police continue to kill black men and women either by shooting them or physically killing them by hand.

How to Be an Anti-Racist, According to Ibram X. Kendi

“A combination of memoir and extension of towering Stamped from the Beginning… Never wavering… Kendi methodically examines racism through numerous lenses: power, biology, ethnicity, body, culture, and so forth… This unsparing honesty helps readers, both white and people of color, navigate this difficult intellectual territory… Essential.”

Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act a Significant Step Forward

On Thursday October 1, a bipartisan group of Senators unveiled The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act. The bill would lower costs in the federal prison system and reform sentencing for non-violent offenders. Among the package of reforms, the bill reduces certain mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders and gives judges increased discretion by expanding “safety valve” laws. Such efforts could potentially divert low-level offenders away from harsher punishments intended for the leaders and organizers of criminal conspiracies. One immediate change that could benefit over 6,000 federal inmates is that the bill makes the 2010 FAIR Act retroactive, which means that

As Balloon Outages Soar, SCE Urges Responsible Celebrations of Dads, Grads and Newlyweds

Like bad weather, metallic balloons are a leading cause of power outages. Unlike bad weather, however, there’s an easy and cheap solution to the outages caused by stray balloons. Southern California Edison (SCE) is on a record pace for balloon outages with 390 even before the traditionally worst month of June and its celebrations of Father’s Day, graduations and the ever-popular weddings. SCE urges its customers to always keep the balloons tied to a weight, as required by California law, and to never release them outdoors. “Worse than outages, floating metallic balloons can pose a major safety threat to people