What Happened On January 6, 2021

Be very clear. What happened on January 6, 2021 was an attempted coup d’etat that had an inside and outside dimension and strategy! It was an undemocratic effort by President Donald Trump and over 150 Republicans to reject the popular votes of the American people in the 2020 presidential election and replace them with their own Electoral College Votes. They rejected the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and tried to keep Donald Trump in office for a second term.

We Hurt, We Cry, and We Continue to Ask Why The Killing of George Floyd

June 12, 2020, marks the 57th anniversary of the killing of my cousin, Medgar Evers. Who was shot in the back in his driveway by a white supremacist and member of the KKK. It took 31 years to get a conviction for his murder. Some could finally call it justice, but justice is never served when someone you love is murdered. 

Donald Trump Rhetoric Fuels Tragic Mass Shootings, White Domestic Terrorism on a Rapid Rise

Two mass shootings at crowded public places in Texas and Ohio in less than 24 hours claimed at least 29 lives and left scores injured, a shocking carnage even in a country accustomed to gun violence. In the Texas border city of El Paso, a gunman opened fire Saturday morning in a shopping area packed with thousands of people during the busy back-to-school season, killing 20 and injuring more than two dozen, many of them critically. The shooting was being investigated as a possible hate crime as authorities worked to confirm whether a racist, anti-immigrant screed posted online shortly beforehand was written

Excising America’s Cancer of Racism: Turning Left from the Far Right Lane

It is all there, the beginning of another myth-making drama of an America honestly engaged in coming to terms with its racist past and present, openly discussing the grievous hurt and harm White racism causes to its victims, and making a united front and consensus call for the resignation of a governor caught with his white Klan cape up and his blackface guard down in a pre-selfie photo for his med school yearbook. Clearly, it must be an important issue, for it is on all the media: corporate, social and otherwise. And if it drags out long enough, it could inspire the making of a movie or at least lead to other goodwill tours inside the alternating racist and reformist mind of America.

DC Police Defies Union and Makes Room to Personally Escort Racist to DC Rally

White Nationalist Jason Kessler and his Klan escorted by DC police. – Getty Image Over the weekend Donald Trump’s racist supporters held a rally in DC on the anniversary of Charlottesville where a woman was killed by a white nationalist last year. The events last year put on full display Trump’s compassion for the terrorist group. He has since denounced the group due to an outpour of detest due to his leniency of the groups. However over the weekend According to the Washington Post, some D.C. officials including council members Robert C. White Jr. and Charles Allen, and Local 689 are

Black America Watches with Caution on the Anniversary of Charlottesville

This weekend all eyes on Charlottesville, Virginia and Washington DC., as the very vocal US president remains silent while white nationalist, KKK members and bigots prepare to march in Washington DC and commemorate the 1 year anniversary of murder and racism in Charlottesville. Wes Bellamy The Washington Post is reporting, Wes Bellamy, 31,  is a city councilor who helped push the city to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from a downtown park. The decision to banish the statue resulted in death threats and hate mail and, in part, is what led to the white supremacists deciding on Charlottesville

Spindler Agrees to Get Rid of Weapons, Ammunition

A frequent City Hall critic who was arrested after submitting a public-meeting comment card containing Ku Klux Klan imagery and a racial slur pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disturbing-the-peace charge and agreed to destroy a variety of weapons and ammunition, the City Attorney’s Office confirmed this month.

7 Black Churches set ablaze in the South

Seven predominantly Black churches in Southern States Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina have gone into flames after the recent shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.