Jeffrey L. Boney

Ray B. Shackelford Elected as 10th National President of National Urban League Young Professionals

“Just like I didn’t get here on my own, moving forward the same will be true,” said Shackelford. “In the coming months my team and I look forward to meeting with the members across the country and hearing their ideas of how we can work together to advance the movement. It will take all of us to create the impact that we want to see, and our communities desperately need.”

The Walking Dead: Public Policy is Problematic for People of Color

“Once you get a felony conviction, your life is practically ruined based off of the current laws on the books in many states,” said nationally-recognized civil rights attorney Benjamin L. Crump. “It is as if you are walking dead, but they just haven’t given you the death certificate.”

Jim Crow 2018: Black Voting Rights under Attack in America

“This is a discriminatory state law that is antiquated and almost equates to the laws that discriminated against racial minorities decades ago when they were required to pay a poll tax in order to vote…” — Sheila Jackson Lee

More than Just a Hashtag: The Ongoing Fight to Get Justice for Sandra Bland

The Houston Forward Times (HFT) has been covering the latest developments in the case of Sandra Bland. In July of this year, the HFT wrote an article entitled “Wrongful Death: What Happened to Sandra Bland?” in which it was still unknown whether 28-year-old Sandra Bland was murdered by Waller County law enforcement officials or whether she committed suicide. Whatever the cause of death there is one thing for certain; it was a wrongful death and the family of Sandra Bland has since filed a wrongful death lawsuit to get justice and answers to what actually happened to their loved one.