Jasmyne A. Cannick

Without Black Voters, the Campaign to Recall California Governor Newsom is Going to Fail

California Governor Gavin Newsom is no great friend to Black people in his state. He made it clear how he felt about us when he ignored the calls for him to keep a Black woman in the U.S. Senate by replacing outgoing Senator Kamala Harris with another Black woman. So the point at which Newsom and the Democratic Party establishment should really be worried about the efforts to recall him is if Black women decide to send a reminder to them both that they still need us.

Manhunt for Shooter of Deputies Misidentifies ‘Dark Skinned’ Compton Man as Suspect

33-year-old Compton native, Darnell Hicks, had no idea why his phone was blowing up Sunday night.  Like every Sunday, he was working the swing shift as a client aide at a South Centra L.A.  transitional housing program, when all of a sudden, he started receiving back-to-back text messages and social media notifications.  Darnell could hardly believe what he was reading–that he was wanted in the shooting of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies as they sat in a patrol SUV at the Compton Willowbrook rail station.

The MLK Legacy Continues Despite Staggering Evil

“We may debate over the origin of evil, but only the person victimized with a superficial optimism will debate over its reality. Evil is with us as a stark, grim, and colossal reality.”

L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey Failed the Victims of Ed Buck

Jackie Lacey’s failure to charge Ed Buck for the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timo­thy Dean was not because of a lack of evidence or probable cause. Her failure was a direct result of a lack of interest and political will. All of which was the reason that the sheriff’s de­partment sought outside help from their federal counterparts to finally bring Buck to justice.

How the Mainstream Media Wasted No Time in Turning Nipsey Hussle’s South L.A. Mourners Into Savages

A lot of things have changed in Los Angeles over the past two decades but one thing that’s been constant is the presence of street gangs and the violence they inflict. Shootings take place pretty much every day in Los Angeles. They’ve never stopped. People get shot–some live, some don’t. What stopped was the local news reporting on them.

My Best Friend Died of AIDS

Six years ago, I found my best friend in the hospital.  We hadn’t seen each other in a while–which isn’t uncommon for us.  We’d kept in touch through text and phone calls. I didn’t know my friend was sick until I walked into her hospital room and hardly recognized the person before me. My friend eventually confided in me that she had HIV and AIDS.

Political Strategist and Journalist Jasmyne Cannick Announces Run for Delegate to California Democratic Party

Election Jan. 12 in Boyle Heights LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Political strategist and journalist Jasmyne Cannick is starting off 2019 by announcing her candidacy for delegate in the 53rd Assembly District to the California Democratic Party.  The 53rd Assembly District includes the communities of Adams-Normandie, Arts District, Boyle Heights, Downtown Los Angeles, East Hollywood, Hancock Park, Huntington Park, Koreatown, Larchmont Village, Little Toky, Pico-Union, Rampart Village, Skid Row, Vernon and Westlake. “I am running for delegate in a district in California that is less than 6 percent Black and the reason why is simple,” said Jasmyne Cannick. “Black people do not

Black Mother Wrongly Accused of Murder by Sheriff Wants Apology 

When Cherie Townsend dropped her 12-year-old daughter off for a playdate in Lomita and headed to a nearby mall in one of the wealthiest cities in Los Angeles County — it never occurred to her that she didn’t belong there. She just wanted to waste time while waiting to pick up her daughter and maybe get a little shopping in. 

Local Community Organization Bails Pregnant Black Mother Out of Jail for Mother’s Day

Deshay Murphy’s release was a coordinated effort of the National Black Mama’s Bail Out Day campaign #FreeBlackMamas that will give incarcerated mothers around the country an opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with their families and build community through gatherings that highlight the impact of inhumane and destructive bail practices on local communities.

Tenants Facing Eviction in South L.A. Room-for-Rent Scam Not the Only Victims 

“It was the perfect place for me,” laments Steven Jeter.  “That was my perfect opportunity to own something in Los Angeles.”  A one time property owner, Jeter reminisces about purchasing his first property in Inglewood in 2005 on East 68th Street.  Today he lives off of disability and in one of his mother’s properties.  Jeter’s dream of home ownership soon turned into a nightmare after he rented the lot which contained a 2 bedroom home in the front and a separate 1 bedroom to a woman claiming to run a program for adults with developmental disabilities.  “I can remember it like it was yesterday,” Jeter continues.  “I had an open house and she walked in