faith in God

Words of the Week – The Coming of the Lord

The message today is no matter how long you much wait on God, keep hope alive, because the Lord will return. Jesus told us, No one knows the day nor the hour with he will return. So, just be ready!

Words of the Week – You Meant It For Evil; God Meant It For Good

We have this future hope: God will rescue you and me from all our troubles. God will wipe away every tear. God will take care you. Stop crying and complaining. Receive Christ! Only believe you are favored by God and know that God is faithful. God is working it out! God is working it out for your good!

Rams’ Jalen Ramsey Gives God Glory Through Football

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey is the best at his position in the NFL. Regardless of how his talents have pushed him into national prominence, he knows that it is through the Lord’s grace he is able to compete.

Tucker Traces Journey from Prison to Freedom in Christ

Rev. Walter Tucker III shares his triumphant experience behind bars in “From the Pit to the Pulpit” Four years ago, the Rev. Walter Tucker III chronicled his path in politics in “From Compton to Congress” which told how his lineage in law and government influenced his career as an elected official. At the close of that book, Tucker was sentenced to an 27-month term at the Lompoc Federal Prison Camp for bribery due to what many believed was an illegal entrapment scheme conducted by the FBI. Now, his jailhouse experience is detailed in “From the Pit to the Pulpit” where

McClaney Shares Rewards of Attuning Your Ear to God

A two-fold inspiration moved McClaney to pen the book. The first impetus was her mother, Eula McClaney, whose memory continues to motivate on a daily basis. The second incentive was the author’s desire to encourage, edify and empower readers to trust God and put all of your faith in Him.

Charity Israel Shares Love and Freedom in Jesus Christ

“I wrote the book because I desperately needed one like it when I was in a very dark place in life,” said Israel. “I was fed up with religion, I was trying to wrap my mind around a failed engagement, and I was just tired of my past robbing me of enjoying my present future.

Faith, Prayer and Patience Guides Kitchens Every Day

Some people call her a prayer warrior, others say she’s a surrogate mother and yet another group appreciates her ability “to tell it like it is.” Such diverse characteristics all describe one powerful preacher – the Rev. Joyce Reese Kitchens. Known to many as the pastor of Emmanuel-Henry McNeal Turner AME Church in South Los Angeles, Kitchens has also built a following as a “compassionate, yet tough” physician’s assistant helping families to realize an enhanced quality of life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Balancing these roles comes easy to Kitchens, who has worked in both fields for many years along with

Jones Shares How to Find Hope When Dealing with Grief

When pain occurs repeatedly, faith and trust in God is the only lifeline. At least, that’s what saved Alicia S. Jones.In her new book, “Sentenced to Live,” Jones recounts the grief and sadness of losing her first two babies to health complications and birthing a third child, who has cerebral palsy. But instead of constant mourning, Jones relies on her unwavering faith to emerge joyful and encouraged. “This book is an insight into my journey through motherhood.  My goal is to offer hope for those who are going through grief and loss. For me, it was prayer, purpose and patience that

Pastor Mike Jr. Soars by Pleasing God First

If you ever doubted God’s plan for your life, just listen to “Big” by Pastor Mike Jr., and your outlook will greatly improve. The rousing, uplifting anthem by Pastor Mike affirms that God has incredible blessings in store for all who believe in Him. Clearly, listeners Mike’s message because the song, which is the lead single from his album, “Live Free,” has hit #1 on the gospel radio as well as garnered five Stellar Award nominations. In a nod to the versatility of his music, the artist, track and album are listed in the New Artist of the Year, Urban/Inspirational

Wheeler Goes From L.A. Rams Cheerleader to Huge Booster for God

Cheering and dancing is in Apostle Kristie T. Wheeler’s DNA. Her childhood acrobatics finessed even more in her teens and as a young adult, she became one of the first African American cheerleaders for the NFL’s L.A. Rams in 1978. From cheerleading, she went to television, appearing on the Merv Griffin Show, NFL Specials and several shows such as “Charlie’s Angeles,” “ The Love Boat,” “The Jeffersons” and “In Living Color.” Wheeler will display her agile moves once more when she and other Black alumnae perform with the current Rams cheerleaders during the team’s home game against the Baltimore Ravens

‘Funny Married Stuff’ Offers Insight into Faith, Love and Working It Out

Faith, love and laughter are the foundation of “Funny Married Stuff,” a web series created and produced by Peyton and Lony’e Perrine. The show’s storylines, said L.A.-area couple, are based on random, humorous interactions that they, along with many other marriages encounter during the course of the union. Their hope is that people will strive to stay together and try to work situations out, instead of choosing to part. “As crazy as marriage can be sometimes, you’ve got to work at it,” said Peyton. “The goal for the show is to give a little bit of medicine and some laughter

Faith Guides Pastor Hurtt in Shepherding Mount Sinai Members

Strong faith has guided the Rev. George E. Hurtt throughout his ministry and as a result, he’s experienced success as the pastor of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. The congregation, located in the Windsor Hills neighborhood of South Los Angeles, features a thriving membership that not only attracts people of all ages, but also contains a considerable number of young adults, from the early 20s to the late 40s. Shepherding a flock of various ages and spiritual levels can present challenges, still Hurtt has done well as a person who loves people, enjoys preaching, and most importantly, trusts God to

Pastor Najuma Smith Pollard on Maintaining Faith in the Midst of Grief

Rev. Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard shares her response to her son’s death by violence Surviving the death of a loved one is rarely easy. When that loved one is killed by the hands of another, the burden can be nearly unbearable. The Rev. Dr. D. Najuma Smith-Pollard, pastor of Word of Encouragement Community Church in Los Angeles, experienced that agonizing pain in October 2019 when her son Daniel, was shot down in Las Vegas. In the following edited interview with the Sentinel, she recalls the tragedy and shares how her faith continues to help her deal with life as a wife,