Pastor Mike Jr. (Courtesy photo)

If you ever doubted God’s plan for your life, just listen to “Big” by Pastor Mike Jr., and your outlook will greatly improve.

The rousing, uplifting anthem by Pastor Mike affirms that God has incredible blessings in store for all who believe in Him. Clearly, listeners Mike’s message because the song, which is the lead single from his album, “Live Free,” has hit #1 on the gospel radio as well as garnered five Stellar Award nominations.

In a nod to the versatility of his music, the artist, track and album are listed in the New Artist of the Year, Urban/Inspirational Single or Performance of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Rap/Hip Hop Gospel Album of the Year and Song of the Year categories.

However, considering his unwavering faith in God, it’s no surprise that the young artist has reached such heights in a relatively short time in the industry. Born Mike McClure, Jr., Pastor Mike founded The Rock Church in Birmingham, Alabama 10 years ago. The fellowship began as a college ministry and now boasts thousands of members.

“I started my church at age 25 with 10 friends. By the age of 26, there were 300-to-400 of us and by the age of 27, there were 5,000 of us,” he recalled.  “It was always my heart’s desire to turns my city upside down, just as the apostles did in the book of Acts. I believed that if you love your family, your city and love God, the world will come looking for you,” insisted Pastor Mike.

“I am grateful that God made that promise to me. I did not leave Alabama to do what I was doing. I was in my church.”   And it was during a worship service at his church two years ago that Pastor Mike wrote “Big,” which Kerry Douglas, founder of the BlackSmoke music label, heard and persuaded Mike to record the song.

Over the succeeding 18 months, Mike worked with Douglas to tape and package the album and video, then released the music late last year. Needless to say, the public wholeheartedly embraced the project.

“I met a lady who was battling cancer who would listen to ‘Big’ during her chemo sessions,” shared Pastor Mike, who co-wrote the song. “Another lady told me how the song encourages her as she battles lupus and I’ve received messages of people who won’t start their day without listening to this song.

“Also, a young guy who is trying to get into college said to me, ‘I am waiting on my acceptance letter and I am listening to that song.’ I think everybody across the board can enjoy it and knowing that really blesses my life,” he said.

Pastor Mike aims to spread the message of God’s promise to bless His children to everyone, especially to those who have never accepted Christ as their Savior. In addition to ministering to his congregation, he mentors other artists and devotes considerable time helping them to fulfill their dreams.

He also constantly seeks opportunities to aid the less fortunate in his hometown. Currently, he and his members are raising funds to pay off $1 million in medical debt incurred by Birmingham residents.

“That is the stuff that I like doing and I certainly believe that if you’ll be authentically who you are, the world will come looking for you. So many people are trying to chase the world, but how can you be global if you are not local? That is my philosophy,” declared Pastor Mike.

As for the reception to “Big,” he’s happy the music is enjoyable to so many listeners. “I thought it was just a song, but I now see it’s a prophetic word that resonates with people in a way that only God could’ve ordained,” he said.

“God is just manifesting what the song says. He is moving in a big way!”