Dr. La-Doris McClaney (Courtesy photo)

Dr. La-Doris McClaney writes “God, I Listened Too” to encourage others to hear the voice of the Lord

Attuning your ear to the voice of God will lead to an incredibly rewarding life, insists Dr. La-Doris McClaney, and her achievements verify to the truth of her advice.

Well-known for her incredible success in the field of real estate as well as her overwhelming generosity in the area of philanthropy, McClaney overcame multiple challenges to reach the pinnacle of victory that the Lord prepared for her.

She recounts her amazing journey in a new memoir, “God, I Listened Too,” where time and again, she credits God for all of her accomplishments because she heard His voice and obeyed.

“We have to realize that our power is God. He is always speaking to us. We must attune our ear to hear Him in our lives. It isn’t optional,” explains the active 83-year-old, the holder of a B.A. degree from Shaw University and Master’s degree from Pepperdine University.

“If you want to live a whole and complete life full of God’s abundance and grace, you must listen to His direction and instructions. My prayer is that my story reminds you to do that.”

(Courtesy photo)

A two-fold inspiration moved McClaney to pen the book. The first impetus was her mother, Eula McClaney, whose memory continues to motivate on a daily basis. The second incentive was the author’s desire to encourage, edify and empower readers to trust God and put all of your faith in Him.

“My mother set a standard and we were expected to meet those standards. Strong faith, education, and giving back were and remain tenets in my life,” she recalls.

“By reading my book, [people] will see that God can dream a bigger dream for you that you could ever dream for yourself. But, He also requires you to do your part. It will not fall in your lap. You have to work for what you want. My book will remind you that you are NOT alone.”

McClaney’s strong faith combined with helping others appear to be a family trait. As a youngster growing up in rural Alabama, she witnessed her parents “slaughtering hogs to feed the masses, even when they didn’t have much themselves.” After migrating to Los Angeles, her parents opened Flagstone Guest Haven where she remembers, “We had BBQs every weekend and served hundreds of people.”

While applying her real estate expertise resulted in possessions such as a mansion in swanky Holmby Hills, McClaney remained humble and never placed material belongings above her relationship with the Lord.

“God is first. I believe that our family has been blessed to be a blessing and we committed long ago to give to anyone in need and we have done that for thousands of people and given millions of dollars. God’s been good to us and we are obligated to be a blessing to others,” she firmly states.

Blessing others comes easy to McClaney, even during tough times in her life. No matter what she was facing in her personal life, she always took time to help another whenever she could and that approach, with God on her side, is a key factor in the triumphs she writes about in “God, I Listened Too,” and anyone can relate to the up-and-downs that McClaney experienced.

“My book is for everyone; young and old, Black and White, believer and non-believer. If you are willing to read a story about overcoming odds, this book is for you. If you have ever been told that you ‘can’t,’ this book will inspire you and encourage you. You will learn about yourself through my life story, and my prayer is that after reading it, you walk fearlessly into your own destiny,” she expresses with strong belief.

To people who may be encountering hurdles during this pandemic season, McClaney advises to stay strong and recite, “But God…with every adversity, every hurt, every pain, every joy, every triumph, every defeat, in everything, But God.”

Expanding on her philosophy, she says, “God is in every part of my life. He leads, guides, and directs me and His infinite love for me is shown even in the hard times. He is my all-in-all. He amazes me everyday.

“I am 83-years-old, in good health. I surround myself with love and I do my best to show the love of God to people everyday. I want only to be a witness for Him and to share with the world all that He has blessed me with. I fully believe that to whom much is given, much is required. I have been given a lot, and I am required by my Heavenly Father to give…and I do!”

“God, I Listened Too” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and at. www.mcclaneymedia.com.