Edison International

Increasing Diversity in Lineworker Skilled Trades

Athennia, 10, Eric Jr., 9, and Aliyiah, 7, know that when there is a storm or a wildfire, their father, Eric Jones, a field supervisor for Southern California Edison – Opens in new window, is going to be very busy and may be called out to work at night.

Southern California Edison Helps Build School Garden

Southern California Edison (SCE) volunteers and children recently gathered at Monroe Middle School in Inglewood to help the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) build a school garden that teaches the connection between food science and the food people eat. SCE’s Networkers’ business resource group also presented a $5,000 grant from Edison International, the parent company of SCE, to SJLI for its work to help improve the lives of communities of color.

Safe Decorating is Another Perfect Gift for the Holidays

They are often the center of attention and they are very high maintenance. They also can be very dangerous. Two reminders of this occurred in less than a week last January when a fire that followed a Christmas tree being ignited by a candle destroyed a home in Azusa and a blaze fed by an aging, brittle tree demolished a North Hollywood home. Though three firefighters were injured in North Hollywood, it could have been worse.